Dec 16 2016
Could this help with our ongoing waste problem? By John Wenz Fungi Mutarium: Prototype from LIVIN Studio on Vimeo. All that plastic we throw away doesn't just go away, since most plastics aren't biodegradable. But what if we could design something that would eat it? Thanks to some Yale researchers and an Amazonian fungus, that's a very real possibility. Discovered in...
Dec 16 2016
    Here are the latest culprits full of pesticide residue, plus 10 more you should also know. Click here to view the gallery.
Dec 16 2016
A few quick fixes can add up to significant energy savings.     Click here for more
Dec 6 2016
Written by Nancy Trent   Every year, Fran Drescher's Cancer Schmancer Movement holds an informative summit that is a "must" attend for you, your family and friends, as well as people who mysteriously ask you for information that you learned there! I went twice and I can tell you it's life changing, and for many, it's lifesaving. Every time I go, I hear top experts' ground-breaking updates...
Nov 30 2016
If there is one time you want to be organized, it's when you are traveling. Whether you are traveling to the  beautiful Colorado Mountains or the Rainforest in Central America, there are a few things you should know before you go. Plan Ahead - before you begin your journey research the weather and requirements for your trip. Create a travel checklist of the things you absolutely...