My name is Marianna and I am 61 years old. I am (almost) a three year cancer survivor. I learned I had stage 4 Uterine Cancer when I experienced a huge case of bloating/abdominal pain that sent me to the Emergency Room May 2nd, 2009. Other than this one symptom, I was in the best physical shape of my life. I was cycling up to 13 miles up and power walking my dogs. I was at a healthy weight for my height (140 pounds) and had had two complete physicals within the prior six months. I am fortunate because I was in surgery within 5 days. I had what is called a debulking (empty pelvis) surgery, and a bowel resection. (The cancer had spread to the bowel, abdominal lining, and onto one lung).
After 25 days in the hospital I began 7 rounds of chemotherapy (Taxol and Cisplatin). I was unable to have radiation therapy due to a colon-vaginal fistula (hole). Also, as a result of the fistula, I had a colostomy in July 2009. (It was to be temporary, but later proved permanent). In July of 2010, I had a recurrence and began 6 rounds of chemotherapy (Doxil and Carboplatin). My last Chemo was January 2011. I have had pelvic exams, scans, and blood tests every 3 months since with no evidence of disease.

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