What information should I prepare before seeing my gynecologist?


You have the opportunity to advocate for yourself if you come prepared to your gyn visit. Below is a list of 21 questions. Answer them way before you ever get to the doctor’s office. The answers will provide your physician with valuable information that may really make a big difference in your care.

1) Did you or any of your relatives (grandparents, mother, father, sisters, brother, uncles, aunts) have cancer? If yes:
• How old were you/your family member when diagnosed?
• What type of cancer did you/your family member(s) have?
• Did the cancer return after five years later?
2) Do you have any relatives (grandparent, mother, father, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts) who died, and you don’t know how or the reason why they died? If yes, how old was this person when they died?
3) Do you have vaginal bleeding or spotting that occurs outside of your regular period?
4) Are your cycles regular?
5) Do you have any spotting or bleeding after intercourse?
6) Are you at risk for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)?
7) Have you had pain in your lower back for more than two weeks?
8) Have you noticed anything different about breasts including any lumps or bumps or changes in your skin or nipples that has been there for more than one month?
9) Do you have any fluid coming from your breast?
10) Do you have any rectal spotting or bleeding?
11) Have you been constipated, bloated, had any other bowel problems or noticed changes in your bowel habits that have lasted for more than two weeks?
12) Do you feel full very quickly after eating only a small amount of food?
13) Do you spend a lot of time in the sum or use tanning beds?
14) Have you been hoarse, noticed any bumps in your throat or neck or had difficulty u had any unexplained change in your weight?
15) Do you have a persistent cough?
16) Have you had any unexplained change in your weight?
17) Were you treated with radiation as a child?
18) Are you/were you exposed to second hand smoke in your home or at work?
19) Have you had pain anywhere in your body that has not been helped by over the counter pain relievers and has lasted for more than two weeks?
20) Have you noticed anything different about your body or just not felt like yourself for more than two weeks?
21) Have there been any issues that need to be discussed during your routine visit?

By: Dr. Jonathan Herman. www.learnabouthboc.com