Fran Drescher’s Master Class Edu-Series Transform Yourself into a Medical Consumer

The Environment
& Your Health

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Fran Drescher hosts this mind-blowing series featuring hand-selected, trailblazing doctors and medical experts who are transforming the field of medicine.


Sebastian Alvarado, PhD

The Epigenome: How the Environment Communicates with Your Genes

Dr. Becky Campbell

Reset Your Health

Dr. Gerry Curatola

How Safe Is Your Work & Office Environment?

Ken Cook, EWG

Environmental Health


Functional Imagery Training

Meg Hirshberg

Her Story & the Anticancer Lifestyle

Dr. Joan Ifland

Food Addiction

Dr. Manasa Mantravadi

How Toxins in Plastic are Destroying Our Children’s Health

Dr. Zuri Murrell

The Uptick in Colon Cancers Among Young People

Michael Pereira

BONUS: Guided Meditation

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