Fran Drescher’s
Master Class Edu-Series
How You Live = How You Feel

Fran Drescher hosts this mind-blowing series featuring hand-selected, trailblazing doctors and medical experts who are transforming the field of medicine.

This series is our holiday present to you as part of our mission to educate the public how to prevent and reduce disease — from cancer to diabetes to autoimmune conditions and more.

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Episode 1

  • Welcome: How You Live = How You Feel. Fran Drescher, Founder & Visionary, Cancer Schmancer Movement
  • Discover Your Personal Health Philosophy. Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Jr., Founder & CEO, Action Potential Holdings
  • How the Microbiome Affects Your Immune Function and Brain. Dr. Zach Bush, M.D., Board Certified, Internal Medicine, Endocrinology & Metabolism, Hospice & Palliative Care

Episode 2

  • Prevent or Reverse Neurodegenerative Diseases Like Alzheimer’s. Dr. Dale Bredesen, M.D., UCLA and Buck Institute
  • Digging Deep Into the Dangers of a Gluten-Free Diet. Dr. Tom O’Bryan, Author, The Autoimmune Fix

Episode 3

  • The Radical Journey of Her Own Breast Cancer Cure. Dr. Veronique “Dr. V” Desaulniers, Founder, Breast Cancer Conqueror
  • How I Cured My Arthritis by Rethinking My Diet and Lifestyle. Chef Seamus Mullen, Award-Winning Chef, Restaurateur & Cookbook Author
  • A Survior Story Against All Odds. Chris Wark, Founder,

Episode 4

  • Holistic Dentistry: The Mouth/Body Connection. Dr. Gerry Curatola, D.D.S., Founder & Director, Rejuvenation Dentistry
  • Mercury Toxicity & Detoxing From Heavy Metals. Dr. Christopher Shade, Ph.D., Founder & CEO, Quicksilver Scientific

Episode 5

  • Groundbreaking Technology Seeks & Destroys Circulating Cancerous Cells. Dr. Tony Jimenez, M.D., N.D., C.N.C., Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers
  • My Protocol to Reverse Cardiac Plaque. Dr. Lee Cowden, M.D., M.D.(H), Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board & Professor, Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine

Episode 6

  • Medical Cannabis. Dr. Uma Dhanabalan, M.P.H., F.A.A.F.P., M.R.O., Uplifting Health & Wellness
  • Addressing EMF in Your Home and Work Environments. Robyn Openshaw, Founder,

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