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We can't thank you enough for joining our cause to help us transform women from patients into informed medical consumers so we can prevent and detect cancer early, when it's most curable.

Please Note: Your order will arrive within 2-3 weeks, as we have all of our beautiful items custom made for the Cancer Schmancer Movement. ***We are unable to accept orders from Alaska, Hawaii, internationally, or PO BOX addresses. Orders from these locations, if placed, will be issued refunds.A flat shipping charge of $10 will apply to all orders shipped by UPS Ground. All sales are final, so choose wisely darlin'!

Please remember that all sales are final, so please choose your sizes wisely. If you have any questions or concerns, write to us at info@cancerschmancer.org or call us at 888-621-2001.

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2015 Fran Drescher Health Summit

Cancer Schmancer is dedicated to empowering you to take control of your body, your health, and the environment. Our annual summit features experts on How To Detox Your Home, Integrative Medicine, and Nutrition, and many more.

Select just the segments you’re interested in for $10 each or get the whole summit for $50.

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Care + Wear

The idea for Care+Wear came after a friend's experience receiving treatment through a PICC line. Our friend was told to wear a tube sock to protect and cover the PICC line site making the uncomfortable treatment even more uncomfortable. This bulky, white tube sock became a constant reminder of the illness but also interfered in day to day activities like getting dressed. We decided to create something new and better that would help patients living with PICC lines. We wanted to help them see themselves as people first, and patients second and allow them to live their lives.


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Scout Mission Tote

Price: $39.95

These specially designed and rugged Scout Totes are on a mission for Cancer Schmancer -- to raise awareness & support our three-prong mission of Early Detection, Prevention, and Advocacy. Click here to purchase yours now. 

Email us or call us at 703-229-1208 to place an expedited order or for assistance shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or an international location. Thank you!

Weathered Signs

Brighten your home with our colorful, fun, hand painted natural wooden. The signs have a rustic, vintage look and are custom made for Cancer Schmancer by Weathered Signs with love in the USA.

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Trash Cancer DVD


Donate $20 and receive our Trash Cancer DVD, hosted by Fran Drescher. Did you know that 90% of cancer is environmental and that the home is the most toxic place we spend the most time in? But it's where we have the most control. Watch our DVD and educate yourself on how to Detox Your Home!

Declaration Bracelet


Each bracelet is a 1.5" curved plate of polished nickel silver finish with a black cord.

Short Sleeve T-Shirt


I wear my Cancer Schmancer Movement tee proudly everywhere I go. You’ll look amazing in this super soft tee while helping spread the Cancer Schmancer message. So, do us both a favor and order yourself one today.

Women’s Black Ribbed Tank Top


You’ve got to have one of these 100% cotton tank tops. Wear it with your favorite leggings, that's what I do. You’ll give people something to talk about, for more reasons than one.

Eco-friendly Cancer Schmancer Tote Bag


Say goodbye to the countless non-recyclable plastic bags you accumulate every time you’re at the grocery store! Just use your eco-friendly reusable large Cancer Schmancer tote bags for running all of your errands. These totes are 100% recyclable, reusable, and made from recycled material. They’re non-woven, polypropylene, with dual reinforced handles, a 20" carry handle, an 8" gusset, with a sturdy, durable, and spacious bottom. Dimensions: 13" x 12" x 8.”

Cancer Schmancer Tea Party DVD


Invite over the girls, bring out your tea cups, and co-host your very own Cancer Schmancer tea party with Fran! Watch as real women share their experiences with cancer, answer the questions you need to think about before your next doctor's visit, and learn how to transform from patient into medical consumer.

This witty, yet educational DVD is hosted by Fran Drescher and includes her personal story about her battle with uterine cancer. It will make you laugh, cry, and inspire you to take control of your body!

Cancer Schmancer, Softcover Edition


Donate $15 and receive Fran Drescher's #1 Bestseller Cancer Schmancer. "Laughs and inspiration...Drescher writes with unforced humor and plenty of gusto. She informs, comforts and movingly entertains." -- People magazine

Women's Black Knit Top


Take control of your body! Slip on this chic 100% cotton three-quarters sleeve boatneck knit top any time of day or night. It’s perfect for your pilates workout, as well as for a night on the town. Gotta love a great look for a great bargain…and an even greater cause!

Survivor Bracelet


"Survivor" stamped on silver round disc and attached to black or red cord. 7.5 inches.

Being Wendy

Order Fran's new book from:
AmazonBarnes&NobleIndiebound or Penguin

In this delightful picture book, we meet Wendy, a girl who lives in an odd town where everyone has to wear a box. These boxes are labeled with what each person does. The teacher wears a TEACHER box. The baker wears a BAKER box. Even the doctor wears a DOCTOR box! These boxes are worn for life and Wendy has to choose hers soon. How will she ever decide on just one box? She’s interested in so many things! Wendy’s moxie makes her break out of her box...And she sets the whole town on end when she does!

The Pure Cure

Order the new book from:

The human race has invented nearly every toxin imaginable. In our food, there are chemicals that kill pests, make foods ripen faster and grow bigger, and lengthen shelf life. In our clothing, chemicals make fabrics soft, keep them from wrinkling, make them fire retardant and resistant to stains, and keep them from collecting static. In our kitchens and bathrooms, chemicals create suds, remove grease, stiffen our hair, make our skin feel smooth, stop us from perspiring, change our hair color, lengthen our lashes, and make us smell good.

Unfortunately, many of these chemicals, designed to improve and simplify our lives, cause birth defects, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, attention deficit, early puberty, and developmental problems—to name a few.

The Pure Cure takes readers to a new level of awareness regarding the dangers of the toxins in everyday products and services. Taking a thorough and comprehensive approach, the book guides readers through every room in the house and beyond, identifying problematic toxins and a course of action for eliminating them. The author also points to surprising new areas of concern, makes suggestions for healthy solutions, and provides a lists of products and companies that can offer safer alternatives.

A Cast of Caregivers: Celebrity Stories to Help You Prepare to Care

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Caregiving expert Sherri Snelling shines a spotlight on the world of caregiving and interviews celebrities who have taken the caregiving journey and shared their lessons learned. This how-to guide also covers caregiving topics A to Z, self-care advice and more. Inside you will find numerous expert interviews and tips on how to have the C-A-R-E Conversation and how to find your Me Time Monday. Written to inspire and empower you, this is your screenplay for health and happiness while caregiving.


Order the new book from:
Priscilla's Site

Lots of Love Always (LOLA) is a book for young women about how to live a sustainable lifestyle and make healthy choices that are good for them and good for the planet. Written by Priscilla Woolworth.