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Fran Drescher’s Master Class Health Summit is a mind-expanding, life-changing day that gives you the tools to prevent, reduce, and reverse dis-ease.

We hand-select doctors and medical experts making exciting inroads in their fields. Instead of focusing on symptoms and treating those, we help you look at your health from a holistic point of view. The summit focuses on whole body wellness. Your mind, body, and spirit are all connected. We help people to stop focusing on symptoms and to start focusing on systems. Because How You Live = How You Feel.




The summit was life changing. Every day, I think about some fragment of information I learned there. And as always you looked Fran-tastic! Hugs!


The summit was a great event. We took home great resources and information. It’s such a wonderful thing Cancer Schmancer provides and we’re so thrilled to be a part of it.

Courtney De La Vega

Another wonderful summit with amazing and diverse speakers! My daughter called me immediately from her car to thank me for bringing her! We all enjoyed it! We loved the tribute to Tahnee and can’t tell you how much it meant! AMAZING SPEAKERS!!!

Chris Shah

Thank you for holding such an important and amazing event!  I’m always interested in holistic healing and a strong believer in nature and natural/spiritual healing.


The summit was amazing! You did a great job! ❤️💋


Always our pleasure to be there to support you and it is such a wonderful event to be able to attend. Thank you for having us!

Anneliese and Kim

No thank you! I really enjoyed it! It really opened my eyes to ideas of what I want to do next. Thank you for the opportunity!


What a great job you did on the summit today! Have a glass of wine or maybe a bottle to celebrate tonight. You all did a good thing for the planet by sharing the info.

Lisa Douhit

So Inspiring. So much quality content. I hope to go back and listen and learn. Bravo!! Congratulations!!


Congratulations on an incredibly worthwhile event yesterday. Wow! I am blown away by the content and the caliber of the guests. Also, I cried when I her met Fran as I don’t think in my past 15 months on my journey to wellness that I had met someone who was not wearing a stethoscope who has done as much as she has regarding cancer as a whole in the this type of forum. It was very well-done. Brava/bravo!


Thank you so much!! We loved the event!!! ❤

Marissa and Connie

It was a really nice event and I got so much from it!!


What a wonderful thing you did today. Educating and inspiring people to wake up and make changes. You were G R E A T!!!!!! I loved every minute of it.

Linda Gibbs



Congratulations on another terrific and well received event. The feedback is amazing from all the women I spoke with yesterday. It ran smoothly, this room worked out great and hopefully and probably you will need to use the VIP area as part of the ballroom for next year’s to meet demand.  I hope it was as good as a fundraiser as it was from an educational standpoint! It was the first time I saw the video and it is beyond impressive!

JoAnn Geffen

You kicked a**! It was amazing. Fran was amazing. The speakers were amazing. The venue was amazing. You proved you can do well by doing good. Congratulations my dear.

Ellen Schned

We are still buzzing from yesterday. I was so blown away and learned so much. Have already begun implementing many of the things we learned. I can’t say who inspired me the most but every speaker inspired me in way or another.  I think the reason why this event works is because it’s so raw. It’s real and genuine.

I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to see you afterwards. I brought my daughter for the last speaker and then I had to rush her to a horseback lesson. I wish I could have seen you and thanked Fran in person. Will you please pass on my gratitude to her. I would also love to get a message to Dr Funk. Her personal story and perseverance totally hit home.  I would love to help her too. Just know I’m immensely grateful to you. Thank you again!!! When you are ready and have come up for air, let me know about your daughter’s wedding. I would love to have the opportunity to bid on it. I will be in Temecula next Tues-Sat for my daughter’s horse show. I will take a few minutes to stop at the winery to get a sense of the place. I will write off the wine I drink when I’m there!!  Hahaha.

Christina Baker

Though I wound up leaving about an hour before it was over, I wanted to say that today’s seminar was one of the most densely packed information overloads that I’ve ever experienced. And I mean that in the best possible way! Bravo to you and your team for putting together such an interesting, intelligent, accomplished and committed group of speakers. And thanks for taking such good care of me. Everything about the event was top-notch — your terrific job as both host and occasional panelist, the beautiful program, the buffet, the way everything moved smoothly along. I learned so much today my head is still spinning, and several of the segments left me eager to explore further, which to my thinking is the best possible sort of “always leave ’em wanting more” experience…

Howard Preiser

Thank you for an amazing opportunity to participate in Cancer Schmancer’s 2016 Health Summit.  It was a great day and we had the opportunity to talk with many people about The Foundation for Living Beauty and our services. Congratulations on an awesome event!

Nancy Davidson, The Foundation for Living Beauty

What a great event you hosted!!!!  It was our honor and pleasure to attend. Looking forward to next year!

Pam Hammond, Hope4Cancer Institute

I loved how there were different topics and the speakers and panels. It was a Mix of different cancers and all different doctors from all different backgrounds. Amazing panels amazing speakers.
Fran is just so amazing, and her compassion towards really health and cancer is amazing. I could’ve listened to her all day.
The most valuable thing I learned was to take charge of my life and maintain a positive attitude throughout this whole ordeal and dealing with healing from cancer. I would like to get involved with the organization in your school projects.
I learned never to give up, make changes in your life day-by-day, step-by-step.
The day’s inspiration is still actively affecting my daily thoughts and actions.
The speakers were amazing. Fran was so inspiring. The combination of topics was outstanding – everyone could learn something they didn’t already know about. Thank you!
The summit was amazing !! As great as the first one, last year!! I just want to thank you. About what? Two years ago you give me the best advice that I could have. “Do something by your own!” That’s what I did, the first time when I came to live in North America some months ago. The second time, yesterday, I really understood what I wanted to do thanks to all the speakers. So, thank you so much!!! I hope I can be there the next year if you organize another summit! I continue to support and share the wonderful work that all the team CS does.

Amandine Meirone

It was a great pleasure to be part of the Women’s Health Summit. Thank you very much for thinking of me.

Nena Niessen, Cures From the Kitchen

Dr. Nalini wanted to express her sincere appreciation at the opportunity to be a part of Fran Drescher’s Women’s Health Summit! It was an incredible event and it was an honor to be included.

Office of Dr. Nalini Chilkov, 32 Ways to OutSmart Cancer: Create a Body in Which Cancer Cannot Thrive

Thank you so much for yesterday – Prevention was thrilled to participate in your terrific event. Look forward to more conversations and working together again.

Bethridge Toovell – Senior Director, Communications – P R E V E N T I O N Magazine

I wanted to congratulate you on and thank you for the wonderful event.  Everything was beautifully executed and the whole team was professional and helpful.  I look forward to working with you again.

Renee Young, National Public Relations, HADASSAH

Thank you so much for all of the hard work you put into the Women’s Health Summit. My brother is a cancer survivor. He had retinoblastoma, a cancer of the retina that affects children under the age of two. He was diagnosed at his one-year check up. He lost an eye, but he is healthy as a horse twelve years later. Because there was an outbreak of this extremely rare cancer in Los Angeles, they believe it was caused by something environmental. Cancer Schmancer’s dedication to prevention and detoxification is close to my heart.

Sylvia Nicole Greenstein, Volunteer

What a fabulously informative and fascinating day!!  I learned so much and just enjoyed every moment of it—from your warm and witty and right to the heart of the matter ultra smart remarks Fran—to the incredibly clever words and dulcet tones of your smarty pants hubby—and of course Kristi Funk was fantastic–and Ken Cook and Ed Begley, etc., etc. …everyone! Such a cool,informed great bunch of people…and SUCH A GREAT VIBE ALL DAY!!! Loved the people…loved the food…

Lyndall Hobbs

Fran Drescher and Cancer Schmancer‘s  today was amazing. Fran is a real visionary.

Janette Hillis-Jaffe, New York

Thank you for a wonderful Women’s Health Summit today! What a knowledgeable and informative group of experts you presented to us! Every panel provided such wonderful expertise in the areas of Integrative Medicine, Nutrition, Breast Health and the Environment. I couldn’t have gotten more information in one place if I tried! Thank you so much for a wonderful day of learning. Can’t wait until next year!

Cindy Jacoby, Los Angeles

HFG had a great time yesterday at Fran Drescher‘s Womens Health Summit in Los Angeles. Fran is doing amazing work with her nonprofit Cancer Schmancer – choosing  foods is one of the best preventative measures in order to stay cancer-free for life!

Hollywood Food Guild

Had a great morning at Fran Drescher‘s Women’s Health Summit yesterday. Great talk by V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai. They are quite the dynamic duo!

Marian Rich, Los Angeles

Dr.  Funk presented a lot of information that was new, and I really loved her presentation.

I wish that we could have access to a video or transcript so if we missed anything or had to leave, we didn’t miss out.

Kelly Peterson, Los Angeles

The panels of doctors were great. Learning about Nutrition & GMO’s were the most interesting for me personally. Women love emotional tugs and words of inspiration, testimonials of survival, strength and life altering stories.

Patty Turrell

I thought the event was very well done. I enjoyed all the speakers tremendously. As a cancer patient I choose my food very wisely and that takes a lot of self control. The theme of most of the presenters was “you are what you eat.” Please Bring back Shiva and Ken Cook! I could have listened to them all day.

Lauren Rojany, Los Angeles

I enjoyed the event very much – it was quite informative, inspiring and even fun!

Nicole Foos, Los Angeles

I loved the event. Lunch was delicious. Loved Fran Drescher and her story. She is so entertaining but also so committed and doing such great work to help spread the word and fight cancer! Speakers and panels were mostly very informative but I would have liked to hear more from EWG, Ken Cook, Stacy Malkin, Sharyn Wynters, Dr. Tamar Paretz, and especially Dr. Kristi Funk. Her presentation was filled with so much important and useful information I wished she could have had more time

Patricia Frieband, Los Angeles

This week I observed the sixth anniversary of my breast cancer surgery. I can’t think of a better gift I could have given myself to honor that pivotal moment in my life than attending Fran Drescher’s Women’s Health Summit. Fran Drescher: Oh my goodness. Thank you so much. There is so much I can say: You are so right when you say: “Side by side with grief lies joy.”

Pamela Beere Briggs, Los Angeles

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