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Fran Drescher’s Master Class Edu-Series
Transform Yourself into a Medical Consumer 

Dr. Rob Zembroski

Rebuild Your Body Through Radical Lifestyle Change

Dr. Robert Zembroski, DC, DACNB, MS, is Director of the Darien Center for Functional Medicine. With twenty-six years in private practice as a physician, specialist in functional medicine, chiropractic neurologist, clinical nutritionist, and transformational speaker, Dr. Z is an expert in topics from heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease, obesity, cancer, hormone issues, nutrition, and fitness. 

He is the author of the ground-breaking new patient-friendly guide REBUILD: 5 Proven Steps to Move From Diagnosis to Recovery and Be Healthier Than Before, the only program that allows readers to create a personalized plan based on their unique health needs. 

Years ago, Dr. Zembroski’s own diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma led him to create the Cancer Victor® Protocol—a research-based parallel set of steps that augments the function of chemotherapy and radiation treatments and leads to better results and a more rapid recovery. 

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