The common disease-causing link between GMOs and WiFi technology, science reveals

A shocking six out of ten American adults (more than half of the population) currently suffer from some form of chronic disease – including such potentially life-threatening illnesses as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  Many experts note that the prevalence of chronic disease has increased steadily – over the last 30 years – due to the widespread consumption of GMO foods and use of wireless technology.

Make no mistake about it: we are experiencing a national epidemic of chronic disease – throughout the Western world.  Of course, agrochemical producers and the wireless industry refuse to accept any responsibility.  But, it’s hard to ignore the scientific evidence.

For example, an award-winning researcher recently published a review confirming the damaging effects of WiFi.  And, as you’ll soon see in this article, the dangerous link between WiFi and GMOs is undeniable.

Award-winning researcher reveals: Radiation from WiFi and cell phones is an “important threat to human health”

In a review published in July 2018 in Environmental Research, Dr. Martin L. Pall – a 2013 winner of a Global Medical Research award – showcased the connection between radiofrequency radiation and chronic disease.

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