Five Healthy Resolutions for Everyone

We are well into 2018 and did you know that people who stick to their New Year’s goals are 10 percent more likely to complete other goals throughout that same year? Instead of listing every single goal that you’d like to accomplish, give yourself the time to accomplish one monumental step. Whatever your goals are, these five practical resolutions can help you meet bigger challenges for years to come.

1. Doing What You Love

Studies show that people who love their job or progress toward something they love are reportedly more satisfied and happier in their life. Giving up the idea that you need to make a lot of money to have a full and happy life may require getting into a different mindset but can be accomplished one step at a time.

2. Take Care!

These two words are often said (and heard) by us. But are we really practicing “taking care?” Do we know what it means to take care? Instead of passing it off as a friendly closing gesture, put some action behind it and start really taking care of your wellbeing. It can be as simple as getting a yearly doctor exam, finding out where you need that extra assistance, and changing your diet. Start by asking your practitioner for advice on how you can attain a healthier lifestyle. Educate yourself on how your hormones can play a big role in your attitude and overall wellbeing.

3. Yog-ahhh!

Yes, yoga continues to prove that it benefits all walks of life, from the nine to five clerical worker to the world traveler who never sits still. Studies have shown that a daily yoga practice decreases stress levels, tones and strengthen the body, and increases relaxation and positivity. And the best part is that you can practice anywhere: stretching at your desk, waiting in long lines at a concert, or even on vacation.

4. Write It Down

Journals aren’t just for the bad days, but for the in-between times when you have nothing much to say. Journaling is a great way to release emotions and thoughts you don’t even know you have tucked away. It even helps you think clearly while observing those normal, daily habits of life. Journaling can be a personal way to discover yourself through mindful thinking. You don’t need to get fancy; a notebook will do. Stick it in your glove compartment or handbag and get writing when the mood strikes.

5. Drink More Green Tea

Green tea provides more antioxidants than almost any other tea! It helps reduce stress, burn fat and calories, and put you in a good mood. And the best part about green tea? The relatively small amount of caffeine is a naturally added bonus that increases your energy levels without overloading your body. Loose leaf or bagged, enjoy a cup or two a day!

Don’t settle for a huge, unattainable goal. Start with these tried and true tips that encourage you to tackle other goals in the future!