Fran Drescher talks Queens College award, Cancer Schmancer Cruise

By Markos Papadatos     15 hours ago in Entertainment

New York - Emmy-nominated actress Fran Drescher sat down and chatted with me prior to the Queens College GALA that took place at Gustavino's in New York City on May 3.

She was the recipient of the prestigious Queens College "Lifetime Achievement Award," where he was honored along with two other inspirational women: philanthropist Muriel Sapir Greenblatt and veteran educator Evelyn M. Strauch.
"I remember Queens College quite well," Drescher admitted. "My very first concert that I ever went to was at Queens College with Don McLean. You never forget your very first concert. I love the campus! I loved looking at the view of Manhattan, because I already had dreams of going there as an aspiring actress. I loved the Student Union and the Chinese chicken salad, and I loved my classes. I loved learning. I loved history, and I got to walk to college," she said with a sweet laugh.
Drescher is proud of the fact that she got to put Flushing, Queens, on the map with her hit television sitcom The Nanny. "Before that, people were a little embarrassed to admit it. Then, they would come up on the street and they would tell me: 'I'm from Flushing,' and we would high five each other." 
On June 19, her annual Cabaret Cruise will take place in Manhattan, where the proceeds will benefit her charitable organization, Cancer Schmancer. "Here in New York, we do our annual Cancer Schmancer Cabaret Cruise, and it's a one evening event. People come and we are a very uplifting, fun, motivating and educating organization. We empower people. We transform patients into medical consumers. Knowledge is power. When we have our Cabaret Cruise, I will speak a little bit, but it's really all fun. The Hornblower is so generous. It will have organic food and people can enjoy cocktails while cruising the New York Harbor. Then, we have some of New York's finest Broadway entertainers performing. It's just a delightful evening."
For current Queens College students, Drescher said, "Figure out what makes your heart sing and then, figure out how to make a living out of it. Don't do anything that doesn't make your heart sing. Don't think about what you're going to do for the rest of your life in terms of being practical. First, identify what makes your heart sing. Don't think in terms of practicality. Prioritize what you are going to do while you are in school, and then pursue that."