IT'S ALL CONNECTED PT. 2: Insecure? Always on alert? Do you live in a perpetual fear? Let’s Talk. 

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Hey there, my anxious friend. Are you the type of person who doesn’t feel she has the right to take up space? You’re not huge on tending to your own physical needs like hunger, thirst or fatigue. Do you have trouble embracing change? Bills and matters of the home cause you a lot of stress and anxiety. You know people who play games with their money, but not you. You have a ton of insecurity, but doesn’t everyone? Yours often manifests with worry, restlessness, or perfectionism. You find yourself unable to make decisions. If you’re being honest, most days you do not feel safe or secure. Whether you admit it or not, you have a lot of fear that you’re juggling. The carefree way others seem to skip through life boggles your mind. You’d love to feel that way, but you have no idea how. 

If any of this sounds like you--whether you have been feeling this lately or have felt it your entire life--these are all symptoms of an unbalanced BASE BIOENERGY field. 

In our previous article, we discussed bioenergy fields: What are they, how they function, and how when out of alignment, they can cause real health problems.

Feel free to check out this article to learn the science behind developmental stress and how it is stored in our nervous system. For the purposes of this article let’s crash course it: 

  1. Developmental stress is any stress, trauma, or conditioning that happens to humans between the ages of 0-7. This can include: childhood traumas, cultural, societal, religious conditioning, limited belief systems, restrictive, exhausting patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, physical and emotional injuries, or even lack of attention. These all manifest in the body as a form of stress. 
  2. A bioenergy field is simply an energy center associated with specific regions of the body, organs, glands and nerve plexuses. 

In simple terms,  your body stores different types of developmental stress to different places in your body. A storage unit if you will. Consider bioenergy fields different floors of a storage unit, and each floor stores something different.  In this article, we are going to examine our base energy field, signs it is out of alignment, the different types of information stored there, and what we can do to create congruence and heal. 


Our base bioenergy field is foundational, the beginning, what everything is built upon. If our body is a tree, these are the roots. It is found at the base of our back, but includes the lower half of our body, legs, feet, toes, etc. In our storage unit analogy, consider the base bioenergy field where we keep the stuff we REALLY need for survival. I’m not talking about your laptop. I’m talking about the real basic stuff: food, water, shelter, safety. This also includes emotional needs: love, touch, connection to other humans, etc. 

Physically, the base bioenergy field includes lumbar & coccygeal plexus, spinal column, kidneys, legs, feet, rectum, immune system, bones, teeth, legs, knees, and adrenals. 


A preliminary examination of any bioenergy field can be assessed through a few standard questions. For your base bioenergy field, ask yourself the following questions: 

Do you feel disconnected from your body? Are you often fearful, anxious, restless, can’t settle? Do you fear change / have an addiction to security? Do you have rigid boundaries? Are you frequently ill?

If you answered yes to at least 2 out of 5 of these questions, you most likely are out of alignment in your base bioenergy field. 

Physically, misalignment in the base can manifest in multiple symptoms: 

Lower back pain, sciatica,varicose veins, rectal tumors, depression, immune related disorders, adrenal issues, weak bones, bladder problems, constipation, eating disorders, kidney stones.

Of course, consult your doctor for any of these issues, but whether you are just now experiencing these symptoms or have wrestled with them for a while, it is worth exploring.


Anything that threatens survival is likely to disrupt the base bioenergy field. This is also inclusive of perceived threats; if one feels like their survival is threatened, the bioenergy field response is the same. If this is developmental stress--meaning it manifested between the ages of 0 to 7 - these traumas can be stored for a lifetime without being addressed. Here are some traumas/stressors that may be disrupting your base bioenergy field.  

Note almost all of these traumas can cause additional problems besides misalignment of our base, so if any of these traumas have happened to you, if you haven’t already, talk to someone and get help.  

Abandonment - if the child/infant isn't touched, and/or separated from a birth parent (such as hospital stays, divorce, long trips out of town, adoption, etc) this can create insecurities and stress. Lack of touch can create huge biological problems in children, not to mention developmental stress stored in the base, so hug your kids as much as you can! 

Neglect - Neglect is a subtler form of abandonment, but is still considered a form of child abuse. For the base, it creates inherent mistrust of others, especially in adults.  

Feeding difficulties - Malnourishment or hostile eating situations affect our ability to feed ourselves, which is a basic human need for survival. Besides disruption in the base, this may also result in food allergies, avoidance or addiction to food, and can show up as trust issues, eating disorders, and/or digestive difficulties.  

Physical Abuse - Results of physical abuse are profound and vast, one of them being disassociation from their bodies. The understanding that your body is inherently unsafe fragments our nervous system and interferes with the fight or flight response.  

Accidents, surgeries, illness - Sick as a kid? Car accident or injury? Loss of a parent or sibling  because of an accident or sickness? This type of trauma informs our nervous system that it always needs to be “on guard.”  

Birth trauma - the separation of baby and mother after birth is a common practice in Western medicine. Being born into technological environment, with bright lights, sounds, the use of incubators and strangers (i.e. hospitals)  may cause unintended trauma to the baby and an assault on the nervous system.  

Inherited trauma - The unresolved trauma that a parent has directly affects the developing fetus, the nervous system, the biochemical makeup on the child and predestines them to behave as if the trauma has happened to them.  

Additional “right now” trauma - Divorce? Suddenly widowed? Loss of career? Loss of home? Cancer diagnosis? Huge injury from a car accident or something sudden? Any of these events actually happening or even fear that they MAY happen can and will be picked up by the nervous system as a threat. You have lost something that made you feel secure and stable. The sudden instability will affect the base bioenergy field.  


It’s simple really. You are not in alignment because of a developmental stress that either really happened or is being perceived. There is no quick fix; many of these issues have been with us our entire lives. But here are some tips to realign, focus up, and heal.  

Tip 1: Reconnect to your body with movement like dancing, running or weight training.  

Tip 2: Lots of touch.  

Tip 3: Spend time barefoot in a park. This technique is called grounding and is a technique that focuses on realigning your electrical energy by reconnecting with the earth. Why this works: the earth is negatively charged on the surface. In our modern lives our bodies tend to build up a positive charge which can cause chronic illness and can speed aging. Direct contact with the earth can even out this positive charge and return the body to a neutral state. You can read more about the science of grounding here.  


Give your base some exercise. Be patient when your instincts are telling you not to be. Be sharing and giving when you don’t want to. Go crazy and do something creative that doesn’t have a right or wrong to it. See how you feel.  Be gentle with yourself. Don’t expect results immediately. But if we keep up consistent work, we can start illuminating stress and live happier healthier lives.  In our next article we will be going over our sacral bioenergy field.

Stay tuned…


For over 20 years Stacy Berman has been teaching people how to get in shape, eat healthy and create balance. Her extensive training in Tae Kwon Doe, Capoeira, kickboxing and bootcamp drills have led her to a deep understanding of the body and its movements. As a student of the world, she has learned to combine an intense physical practice with movement meditation for an elevated state of health.

Soon after her creating Stacy's Boot Camp, the first boot camp in NYC, Stacy realized food was the foundation for creating a sound mind in a sound body. She threw herself into nutrition with a passion,  became a certified nutrition specialist and worked with thousands of busy New Yorkers to figure out what worked and what didn’t. With feet on the ground practice Stacy created The System by Stacy Berman to help herself, her clients, and the world at large achieve a higher, more meaningful level of health and fitness.

Since creating The System, Stacy has gone on to receive a PhD in Natural Medicine and is presently writing a book Love Yourself Naked: The Science of Self Perception, Spirituality and Weight Loss that combines over twenty years in the health and fitness industries with scientific research to reveal how our thoughts affect the way we feel. Stacy is truly a forerunner in the mind - body holistic health movement with tens of thousands of hours of real life experience.