Returns on Investment in Meditation

It is humane to invest in only those activities which give us something good in return. Be it business or personal relationships, we want to put our energy where we can get the maximum returns on our investment. The same law applies for our meditation practice as well. In my talks, most of the attendees come to know the benefits of meditation and only that gets them motivated. Although there are countless benefits of meditation. I will list some of the most basic ones to get you motivated enough to start:

•Good health: It is a proven fact that people who meditate regularly visit doctors much less often than those who don't practice meditation. Google it. You will find many medical studies proving that regular meditation has improved overall health on many levels.

•Prevents senility: After the age of 40, our brain cells die off at a rate of 100,000 per day. Regular meditation helps to reduce the rate of dying cells which slows the deterioration of body and mind associated with old age.

•Reduce sleep hours: It's always the quality of sleep that matters, and not the quantity. With regular meditation, your sleep hours would be reduced, yet you would be energized and active like never before. Those who are in advanced stages of meditation, can even sleep for just three hours and still feel deep peace and activeness.

•Stress level reduction: Meditation greatly reduces stress levels and also strengthens the nervous system. It lightens the physical body and raises the consciousness. Everyday meditation gives you a chance to remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of daily life. You will start taking things in a light manner and your efficiency to solve problems will multiply.

•Decline in negative thoughts and emotions: With meditation, you will develop very sharp senses. This will reduce your negative thoughts because then you will be able to more clearly distinguish between positive and the negative. Ultimately, then, choosing the positive. Remember, your thoughts can be your best friends or worst enemies. The choice is yours.

•Fast action: You will develop strong willpower and a sharp memory. What used to take five hours before will take only around two hours. Your decisions will be very fast and highly accurate. When you develop the ability of taking the right decision at the right time, you eventually lead the path of success.

•Healthy relationships: When you meditate, you develop love in your inner self. Your relationships are no longer based on insecurity, possessiveness, or just to fulfill any vacuum within yourself. As a result, you will develop a deep sense of love and understanding with your partner and other relations will be strengthened.

•Magnetic personality: A person who meditates regularly possesses a very attractive personality. Other people get attracted to him or her for the reasons even they are unaware of.

•No more frustrations: The situations that used to make you upset or frustrated will no longer make you feel so. You will realize the stupidity of indulging in such minor matters. You will gain new perspectives and clarity on issues with incredible ease.

•Change in outlook: Once you meditate regularly for a month or so, other people will start asking you what's keeping you so peaceful and happy. They will be surprised to look at your sudden growth in all aspects of life.

These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. Regular meditation will give you amazing success in whatever field you choose. A time will come when you will realize that it's even more important than everything you have been doing because with meditation, you will do all your work with much ease.

About the author:
As Founder of the self-discovery center Break The Norms (BTN), Chandresh Bhardwaj is one of the youngest inspirational New Age teachers of our time. Pursuing initiatives as a life coach, spiritual healer, and friend, his work emphasizes techniques in the Eastern Science of Healing and Transformation. Sought from people all over the world, his guidance allows for a uncorrupted and honest approach towards spirituality. Primarily, Chandresh conducts programs at Break the Norms to transcend the mind, body, and soul in heightened awareness. He is currently serving clients in the USA, India, England as well as Canada. As a published writer, Chandresh provokes spiritual dialogue in themes such as meditation, repressed emotions, power thoughts and Tantra. Presently, he contributes to Tathaastu Magazine, Natural Awakenings, Intent and Elephant Journal. Moreover, Chandresh is a featured guest on Karma Mantra's Spiritual Labs video series on self-growth and wellness. Chandresh is an active member in the 'Cancer-Schmancer Movement' and is leading the 'Medication to Meditation Movement' as part of BTN's collaboration with Cancer Schmancer.