From cancer survivor to happily divorced, Fran Drescher has a thing or two to say about life, liberty and equality for all.

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You are amazing! I am a freshman at age 65, because of what I wrote about my life, and won a scholarship.

If you (or anybody) reads this; perhaps you would e-mail me, as I have been working like a "Trojan" for over 10 years on my mission to get the message out there regarding verbal abuse (which is usually the precursor to physical abuse).

1 in 3 women on our globe are living in silence, fear and shame behind closed doors; that is over 52 million in the U.S. alone.

I'd like to speak on any national program to make a difference; I haven't overcome (and thrived) a childhood of abuse, poverty, molestation, fatherlessness,, etc.......36 year abusive "marriage" and a church who voted me out of membership ( to remain silent; I shall keep writing to celebrity types until someone gives me the chance.

I would like to have my own program on OWN (: )...entitled: The Silent Scream (my book, Sanctuary of the Soul) a lifetime of suffering in a few pages, endorsed by Elie Wiesel, Wayne Dyer, Nikki Giovanni, Drs. Alice Miller, Larry Dossey (14 in all)

LOVE to you Fran..xoxoxox, Alice (over comer and wounded healer) along with my evil twin, Francesca!!