Why We Shouldn't Socially Isolate: The Empowering Neurologist – David Perlmutter, M.D., and Drs. Danilo Bzdok and Robin Dunbar

One of the most pervasive recommendations these days centers on the benefits related to socially distancing ourselves from others. And while this may be a meaningful recommendation, an unfortunate consequence seems to be increasing social isolation.

Social isolation begets loneliness, and loneliness is pervasive in modern society. Research reveals profound relationships between levels of loneliness and risk for various health conditions. Important for our current experience with COVID-19 is the relationship between social isolation and immune dysfunction.

In today’s podcast, we interview Dr. Danilo Bzdok and Dr. Robin Dunbar, who authored a new review entitled The Neurobiology of Social DistanceIt’s a fascinating exploration of the importance of our social integration and our maintenance of social capital.

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