Diplomat Fran's First Tour of Duty

There I was dressed like a biker chick in my motorcycle boots and leather jacket (my usual flying ensemble) as the paparazzi photographed my 26 year old colleague, Jordan Brown and I, as if he were my “boy-toy,” while we checked our bags at LAX.

This was just the beginning of what was to become an enormous, life-altering trip on a four-country tour of duty through Eastern Europe as a US Special Diplomacy Envoy. (Stop laughing)

Now I’ve taken many a press tour in my day to promote various career accomplishments including “The Nanny”, NY Times bestsellers Enter Whining & Cancer Schmancer, and The Cancer Schmancer Movement. But nothing rivaled the pace, the publicity or the opportunity afforded me by the US State Department to spread my message overseas for better women’s health awareness and empowerment as well as my vision to make the 21st century the “Century of the Woman” by creating more female friendly societies worldwide.