Launch Party

June 20th was the official launch party for the Cancer Schmancer Movement. Our goal was to get celebs on the red carpet to draw more attention to the organization. The press loves that stuff.

Our sponsor, Gynecor, who distributes for free an early detection uterine cancer screening test, awarded us with a generous contribution for Cancer Schmancer at the party. Those funds will go towards our education outreach programs to help women learn the risk factors, early warning signs, and diagnostic tools available for early detection of women's cancers. Isn't that great??

The Borgata Hotel and Casino of Atlantic City showed their support by covering ALL of our party expenses and made a generous pledge to donate to the Cancer Schmancer Movement to support our policy changing efforts.

The party took place at SAPA Restaurant in NYC, who donated the space and all of the food for the event. Flying Television donated their time to put the whole thing together. Nike Communications coordinated the press for the entire week, which was amazing…TV, radio and magazines! Now, when I walk down the street, people are saying to me, "Cancer Schmancer!" So, I guess the word is out.

It's just so great how many people want to support us in our Cancer Schmancer mission to ensure all women's cancers get diagnosed in Stage 1, when they are most curable.

And what a party it was! All to celebrate my 7 years of wellness and the national launch of Cancer Schmancer.

Here are some of the highlights, if you weren't there:

I wore my new Valentino blouse, 40% off on sale; I didn't spill anything on it, so already the night was a success.

Castle Brand provided the booze. So, everyone got into a party mode at the open bar! BTW their "BORV" vodka is delish.

The food from SAPA was divine. They had little potato knish-like things with caviar and steak, and these little chocolate chip cookies. You know, there's an unwritten law that you can't gain weight on your anniversary of wellness. Meanwhile, the next day I woke up with a flat stomach. So, it must be true.

Lots of celebs were there too, like Lainie Kazan, Maura Tierney, Rocco DiSpirito, Gilbert Gottfried, Richie Rich, Jennifer Landon and many others.

Cancer party convo: "Who did your dress? Who did your hair? Who did you chemo?" My friends said they wanted to send me something for my wellness anniversary. I said, "Send me a uterus." It got a big laugh.

When I finally got to sit down and take my new shoes off (which were also on sale and a half-size too small, but so gorgeous and worth the pain), I could really take in the great music, enjoy the food and go through the goodie bag. It was filled with fabulous Paul Mitchell hair products, a really pretty picture frame from Borgata (where I won big time at black jack the last time I was there), a Kenneth Cole gift card, and really cool Cancer Schmancer merchandise, including a Cancer Schmancer dog tag, t- shirt and book (all available in our virtual store.

It was so nice that everybody came out for the cause. Now, listen to this… Since the official launch of the Cancer Schmancer Movement last week, we have had thousands of new members join. Ahh, the power of television! Thanks, again, to everyone's support. Together, we will make certain that no woman dies from cancer due to late stage diagnosis!

If each of you gets a friend to join - just one friend - we will double our membership and become a force on Capitol Hill. United we stand! Be well, you guys! (Wow wee, you won't believe this: I just found one of those little chocolate chip cookies in my purse…waste not, want not.)