New Year's Resolution: Stop Focusing on Weight

Every New Year, the most popular resolution is to lose weight. And where does that lead? New gym memberships that go unused after January. Fad diets. Starving for three weeks then gaining all the weight back when you can’t stand it anymore and binge.

And what does that do? It makes you feel worse than you did before. And that just opens the door to beating yourself up, which starts a downward cycle.

That’s why focusing on weight is a big mistake. Who cares about a few pounds more or less? What’s important is how you feel in your own body. It’s about being healthy, not some arbitrary number of pounds.

Instead, focus on making healthy lifestyle changes like the list below. Do things that make you feel better. Concrete, specific things that you can point to when you’re done and say, “I did that.”

·      Walk a mile three times a week

·      Cut out processed foods

·      Stop eating cured meats like bacon and sausage

·      Take ten minutes a day to relax and meditate

·      Try going vegan one day a week

·      Eat more greens

·      Take a yoga class once a week

·      Get rid of manufactured cleaning products and make your own from baking soda, white vinegar, etc.

·      Go makeup-free on the weekends

·      Find a line of toxic-free cosmetics (Start here

·      Wear sunscreen every day

·      Stop using plastic bottles