Help Your Teens (And Yourself) Have Clear, Glowing Skin

If you have teenagers who struggle with acne – or if you continue to struggle with acne yourself well into adulthood – I don’t have to tell you that the conventional treatments out there just aren’t effective at keeping skin clear.

You can slather on all of the chemical treatments and prescription medications you want, but stubborn, persistent acne just won’t go away.

Why? Because those products don’t get down to the ROOT CAUSE – the leaky gut, toxicities, and deficiencies that cause acne in the first place. Until you treat what lies beneath the acne, it will continue to be a problem.

What companies marketing their products to teens don’t want you to know is that their products don’t address the underlying issue, which is inflammation that stems from leaky gut, which is when toxins literally LEAK into your bloodstream from the gut, creating this inflammatory response.

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