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Dandelion & Thyme Tea

Written by Nena Niessen

When the filter in your car is dirty, it must be changed. So the filter in our body needs to be cleaned occasionally, too. The organs that serve as filters (kidneys, liver, lungs, colon) get dirty over time. This makes them increasingly less effective and stressed with a hefty workload creating an environment for  disease. That's why it's important to flush these filters out regularly by using the following herbs and plants that scrub the toxins from your liver, lungs, kidneys, and skin.


Detox Your Home New Year's Resolutions

Written by Jael Tanti,

Some excellent New Year's resolutions to Detox Your Home & have a healthy 2014...


Spice Up the Holidays -- Chemical Free

Written by Naturopath Sharyn Wynters

Did you know that the five favorite holiday spices (cinnamon, peppermint, nutmeg, ginger and clove) can also provide natural health benefits?


Making Scents of The Holidays

Written by Kristal Moffett

Have a question for Kristal about the safety of a product you're using?  Email it to


How Toxic is Aluminum Cookware?

Written by Dr. Sharyn Wynters

Cooking that turkey in an aluminum pan?  Know the facts about aluminum


How to Get Organized for Thanksgiving

Written by Justin Klosky

Turkey Time

Are you the lucky one hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year? It’s an exciting day and one of everyone’s favorite American holidays, but don’t let that get in the way of what needs to be prepared. Every year someone always tells the story about that one Thanksgiving where everything went wrong. Not sure what I’m talking about…?


Justin Klosky - How I Turned Pain Into Purpose

Written by Justin Klosky

Growing up with a secret isn't always easy especially when the secret is life altering. At a very young age I was put in a situation, which at the time, I was unable to understand, process, or deal with. I was sexually abused. Not knowing how to handle the trauma that followed, I found myself organizing, cleaning, as well as creating chaos in my life to balance it out. I developed a serious sex addiction and later on in my years, found myself researching what obsessive compulsive disorder meant (OCD).


We The Future: My Healthy Eating Program

Written by Emily Dolgin

We all have those days where we binge on everything in our pantry, fridge, freezer…you got the idea. I know that when I come home from school, I tend to gravitate towards those mint Milano’s rather than taking the effort to cut-up carrots and celery. However, our eating habits as teenagers are what will determine our health as adults. Making healthy choices now is vital if we want to continue living a healthy lifestyle.