Cancer Prevention

Tips for a non-toxic and safe school year

Getting back to a routine can be a refreshing change for families at the end of summer. Since your child will be spending the majority of their days at school or pre-school post-Labor Day, our partners at Healthy Child Healthy World have some simple tips to help keep them healthy and safe all year long.

Cancer Prevention & Control - Healthy Choices

You can reduce your risk of getting cancer by making healthy choices like keeping a healthy weight, avoiding tobacco, limiting the amount of alcohol you drink, and protecting your skin.

Who Said You Can’t Teach An Old Dog, New Tricks… Basic Tips For Initiating Lifestyle Change.

Written by Marianne Morano, M.S., ACSM, CWC

You are never too old and it is never too late to change lifestyle behaviors.  Behaviors are had to change, without a doubt; however, it is possible following a well -studied process.

Is There a Root Canal-Cancer Connection?

Many of our members have asked about the connection between root canals and cancer. We like to encourage our followers to do the research and draw their own conclusions. Below are some sources to get you started. 

My Concerns about "Holistic" and "Biological" Dentistry

The Pollution in People: Cancer-Causing Chemicals in Americans' Bodies

By Curt DellaValle, Senior Scientist, EWG
June 14, 2016


More than 1,400 chemicals and chemical groups are known or likely carcinogens. Through industrial applications, consumer products and food, water and air, Americans are exposed daily to these cancer-causing compounds, which invade the body and build up in blood and urine. 

STRESS:  Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It

Written by Marianne E. Morano, M.S., ACSM, CWC

STRESS; the word itself gives us grief.  We know that prolonged, unmanaged stress is harmful to our health, and as such, we can’t continually live with it.  Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to live life without some type of stress, and as such, we can’t live without it.

So what is stress, how does it affect our body, mind and spirit, and how do we manage it?  These are some of the questions we will be exploring in this article.