Healthy Eating

Five of the Healthiest and Most Affordable Foods Available

Processed foods may be convenient, but they will not necessarily save you money—especially not if you count the cost of added healthcare expenses down the road when a poor diet starts catching up with you.

In terms of long-term disease-prevention, cooking from scratch using fresh unprocessed ingredients is perhaps your best guarantee. 

Recent research1,2 on healthy eating suggests that home cooking tends to result in reduced calorie consumption. People who ate the most home-cooked meals wound up consuming about 130 fewer calories daily, on average.

I stopped eating food that comes in a package. I’ve never felt better.

I have, on more than one occasion, eaten an entire pizza by myself. Like, recently. These moments are not my proudest, but here we are.

Between May and August this year, I ordered pizza delivery for dinner an average of seven times per month. I ordered Italian an average of three times monthly, and healthy (?) helpings of noodles another three.

U.S.D.A. Approves Modified Potato. Next Up: French Fry Fans.

A potato genetically engineered to reduce the amounts of a potentially harmful ingredient in French fries and potato chips has been approved for commercial planting, the Department of Agriculture announced on Friday.

The potato’s DNA has been altered so that less of a chemical called acrylamide, which is suspected of causing cancer in people, is produced when the potato is fried.

What French Kids Eat For School Lunch Puts American Lunches To Shame

It’s a shocking statistic that everyone should be talking about, 1 in every 3 kids in the United States is overweight or obese. What on earth could American children be eating to substantiate this scary statistic?

This was the question which fueled author Rebeca Plantier’s inquiry into the school lunch programs of the French in her article, What French Kids Eat For School Lunch (It Puts Americans To Shame!). She wanted to know why French kids weren’t fat, and discovered some interesting truths when she compared their school lunches.

7 things to know before you eat your next strawberry

1. Strawberry growers rely on some of the riskiest and hardest-to-control pesticides used in agriculture.

The little red fruit is nutritious and delicious. It’s also fragile, valuable and often grown on coastal California real estate.

So strawberry growers use a class of pesticides known as fumigants, blasting the soil with gases before they plant each season’s crop. Fumigants are like an insurance policy – taking out possible pests, diseases and weeds before they can cause any problems.

This Alarming Study Will Make You Rethink What You Feed Your Children

The news: You'll never look at strained carrots the same way again. A study from the University of Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences has found that children of the "1%" are eating far better than their low-income peers. Unfortunately, the gap in quality is far greater than the difference between organic foodstuffs and their corner-store counterparts.

Specifically, the researchers noted that poor households fed babies with foods containing far more sugars, up to and including candy, ice cream and soda.

Oatmeal-Nut Crunch Apple Pie

This decadent pie is loaded with juicy apples and adorned with a streusel-lover's crunchy topping. The pie is best served the day it's made. If you're short on time, look for a ready-made whole-wheat pie crust in the freezer section of the store.

Makes: 10 servings

Active Time: 1 hour

Total Time: 3 1/2 hours (including cooling time)

Low cholesterol | Low sodium | High fiber |



Lemon-Garlic Roast Turkey & White-Wine Gravy

The zesty lemon-garlic rub for this turkey gives it amazing flavor. Instead of using a conventional supermarket turkey that's been “enhanced” with added sodium solution, here we brine a natural or organic turkey to keep the meat extra juicy without a lot of extra sodium.

Makes: 12 servings, 3 ounces turkey & 2-3 tablespoons gravy each, plus leftovers

Active Time: 40 minutes

Total Time: 3 hours 40 minutes (plus 24 hours brining time)

A lifetime of sugary sodas may be 4.6 years shorter

You knew that drinking sugary sodas could lead to obesity, diabetes and heart attacks — but, according to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, it may also speed up your body’s aging process.

7 Surprisingly Affordable Superfoods

A diet high in antioxidants does more than just ward off cancer. It fights the free radicals responsible for arthritis and other joint diseases, lung problems like emphysema and bronchitis, and atherosclerosis, the leading cause of heart disease. Though you may think that antioxidant-rich foods are limited to expensive goji berries or exotic herbs, research is identifying some dirt-cheap sources of the disease-fighting, anti-inflammatory nutrients. And they cost a lot less than exotic superberries like goji or acai.

1. Black Rice