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Non-Toxic Gardening with EggShells

Written by Priscilla Woolworth

My latest obsession: Saving Eggshells! Whenever eggs are required in a recipe, it's wonderful because it means something yummy for my garden too.

Instead of throwing eggshells away like I used to years ago, I rinse and leave them to dry overnight on my windowsill and then store them in a repurposed glass jar. When the jar is filled up with eggshells, I either crush them down using a wooden spoon or I add the shells to a blender, pulse them till they turn into a fine powder.


Beware These GMO Foods

I advise avoiding Genetically Modified Foods (GMOís).  GMO foods are already linked to immune, inflammatory and even nervous system and brain conditions.


Spring Cleaning Your Nutrition

Written by Yvonne Bishop

Hello Everyone!  This time of year is when most of us are Spring Cleaning for our households, and I wish to extend it to your nutrition “household” as well.  There are many ways to “cleanse” your system, and I am constantly asked as to what method is the best.  I am a fan of what my mother used to tell me as a young girl with a cluttered bedroom: “If you cleaned a little bit every day, you would not have to spend so much time on the weekend cleaning.”


Tips for a Healthy, Cancer-Free Digestive Tract

Written by Dr. Nalini Chilkov

Colon cancer (cancer of the large intestine) is one of the most common and most preventable cancers.  Because the lower part of the intestines, the colon and the rectum are the waste disposal depot, the lining of the large intestine is exposed to many potential cancer causing chemicals every day.


March is National Nutrition Month

“Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right” is the theme for National Nutrition Month 2014.  Consumer research confirms that taste tops nutrition as the main reason why one food is purchased over another.  While social, emotional and health factors also play a role, the foods people enjoy are likely the ones they eat most.  This year’s key messages for NNM focus on how to combine taste and nutrition to create healthy meals that follow Dietary Guidelines recommendations.


5 Foods That Turn Off Cancer Promoting Inflammation

There is a major pro-inflammatory gene lurking inside the center of every cell. When this gene gets turned on the stage is set for the development of cancer. You can turn it off with food.

Could Your Protein Shake Be Causing You More Harm Than Good?

Written by Yvonne Bishop

Meal replacement shakes & meal supplements can be very convenient and cost effective – but beware as not all shakes are created equally!  Many companies have produced meal replacement shakes that are masquerading as healthy nutritional products yet they’re loaded with ingredients that more often than not, cause more harm than good.  When choosing a shake, either as a meal replacement or supplement, be sure to check for the 5 potentially harmful ingredients and stay clear of these products.