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Spring Cleaning

Written by Kristal Moffett

This year I learned a wonderful new technique to help clean and freshen your living environment in a non toxic way.  I tried this on my home a few weeks ago for the first time and loved the feeling it left in my house.  My poor house had been slightly neglected and was feeling stagnant and blah.  I decided that the house needed a scrub and tried a technique my doctor had mentioned to me, a wall washing.  It was an absolute success!

To begin you will need:


The Seven Day Happiness Equation

Written by Dr. Nalini Chilkov

Dr. Martin Seligman is an elder and a master psychotherapist.  He is is the father of Positive Psychology.  He is actually interested in people who are healthy and happy!  He has done formal research studies on happiness and has developed ìThe Happiness Equationî

He developed a technique that is called The Happiness Intervention and the results are backed up by research!

Do You Want to Experience More Happiness?  It only takes one week!!  It turns out that happiness is good for your immune system too!


The Deadly Connection Between Cancer and Fat

Written by Dr. Nalini Chilkov

There is a Deadly Connection Between Cancer and Fat. 

Fat is Out. Lean is In. There is no place to hide. You have got to be svelte if you want to stay healthy and outsmart cancer. And if you have cancer or want to avoid getting cancer in the future, pay attention! You CAN save your own life!

Obesity is an epidemic. Nearly 70% of United States adults are overweight or obeseî 2,7. That means 7 out of 10 people are at increased risk for cancer just because they are fat.


Heart Disease Kills More Women Than Cancer | Read This Book

Written by Dr. Nalini Chilkov

Dr. Steven Masley, MD. is the kind of doctor everyone wants as their very own.  He is that rare combination of brilliant, compassionate, a good listener and a meticulous, thorough, caring, leading edge physician.   And not only that, heís a trained chef!   Dr. Steve only sees one patient a day, so itís pretty hard to get an appointment, but now you can take him home with you.


No More Cancer! How to Create A Body in Which Cancer Cannot Thrive

Written by Dr. Nalini Chilkov

Listen to Dr. Nalini talk about:
No More Cancer ! How to Create A Body in Which Cancer Cannot Thrive

I would like to invite you listen to a very special and extremely informational discussion on how to create a body in which cancer cannot thrive.

This discussion was around the topic of how you can create an environment within your body where Cancer cannot thrive through food and exercise.

I shared how you can start immediately making changes in your daily habits to achieve this outcome.


Non-Toxic Gardening with EggShells

Written by Priscilla Woolworth

My latest obsession: Saving Eggshells! Whenever eggs are required in a recipe, it's wonderful because it means something yummy for my garden too.

Instead of throwing eggshells away like I used to years ago, I rinse and leave them to dry overnight on my windowsill and then store them in a repurposed glass jar. When the jar is filled up with eggshells, I either crush them down using a wooden spoon or I add the shells to a blender, pulse them till they turn into a fine powder.