10 Signs & Symptoms Your Dog May Have Cancer

The idea of a beloved and cherished canine companion falling ill is certainly not a pleasant one. Every cancer has warning signs, and every dog will not exhibit the same set of symptoms for a specific cancer. There are ten signs and symptoms that your dog may have cancer. Knowing and being able to recognize them for what they are could potentially help you get the proper veterinary care he will need early enough to save his life.

Acute Pain

In the wild, a dog would be very reluctant to whine or cry as it would be a sign of weakness to others in his pack. If your canine companion is experiencing pain resulting with cries and whining, it is because he is trusting you to do something to relieve his pain.

Localized discomfort and pain can be a sign of many possible concerns. However, it is important to note that some forms of cancer can cause the onset of acute physical pain. Does your canine companion make audible noise when you touch a certain part of his body? Does your dog cry or whine if you pick him up? Does petting him or rubbing his tummy elicit a negative reaction? If the answer to any or all of these queries is yes, then a trip to your veterinarian is necessary for an examination, diagnosis and treatment.

Lumps and Bumps

While petting your canine companion, have you recently noticed any bumps or lumps? Have you felt any hard spots on your dog that were not there before? If you have, this could be a sign of cancer.

While some skin issues may simply be benign fatty tumors, the only way to be certain is with a veterinary examination and biopsy. If you have noted a mass on or under your dog’s skin that does not show any sign of going away, you should schedule an appointment with your veterinarian.



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