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Be an educated consumer. Know what’s in the products you put IN your mouth, ON your skin, and AROUND your home. Daily life is overwhelming. You are perpetually inundated with information about what’s good for you. But how do you know which claims to believe? Are these products even safe for you and your family?

EWG’s consumer guides empower you to make informed, healthy choices every time you shop.

So let’s get started!

EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database

EWG’s Skin Deep Database: Your skin is your largest organ and the products that go on it do not stay on the surface. Men and women use an average of nine products per day – from toothpaste to deodorant – with 126 unique ingredients, and EWG has rated the safety of nearly 70,000 of them. Type the name of your favorite products in the field below and hit “Return” to find out how they rate.

EWG's Guide to Safer Sunscreen

EWG’s Sunscreen Guide: Sunscreens are supposed to keep you from getting skin cancer and a sunburn. But two-thirds of the sunscreens analyzed by EWG researchers either don’t work well enough or contain ingredients that may be toxic. Type the name of your favorite sun care products in the field below and hit “Return” to find out how your favorite SPF products stack-up!


EG's Guide to Healthy Cleaning

EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning: EWG assessed the safety of over 2,100 cleaning products for known carcinogens and toxicity. Before you use them AROUND your home, check here. Type in the name of any cleaning product in the field below and hit “Return.”

EWG's Food Scores

EWG’s Food Scores: Confused by food labels and additives? EWG rated over 80,000 products on nutrition, hazard, and degree of processing. Before you put anything IN your mouth, check it out. Enter the name in the field below and hit “Return.”