4 Popular Medications That Spike Your Cancer Risk, According to Doctors

Many medications can be extremely useful, from easing discomfort to saving lives. But shortages and recalls can cause concern, leading people to look for alternatives to swap out with their prescribed meds. At the same time, an enormous segment of the population uses prescription medication—about 66 percent of adults in the United States. Speaking to your doctor about the risks of certain drugs, and weighing them along with the benefits, can help you make informed decisions.

Another type of important data to collect is about healthy habits versus the ones that may be increasing your risk of cancer. Are you using sunscreen and eating a healthy diet? Did you know drinking coffee can help prevent a certain type of the disease? These are some of the factors to consider when thinking about your overall wellness. Making sure your medication is the right fit for you—and as risk-free as possible—is another important component in cancer prevention. Read on to find out about four drugs that may increase your cancer risk.

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