Au Ch 7 - The Nanny star Fran Drescher on fame, fashion and her cancer charity

It’s hard to believe it’s twenty-eight years since The Nanny first appeared on our screens and after all that time, the show is still as entertaining and well-loved as ever.

For six seasons stretching over 146 episodes, Fran Drescher’s alter ego Fran Fine had us laughing out loud with her sassy one-liners and classic comedic timing.

Speaking about the show’s enduring popularity Fran told The Morning Show:

‘I feel so blessed and grateful for the fans. I think a lot of the kids that were watching it when they were growing up are now older and appreciating it on a whole different level. There were jokes that they didn’t get before, they also are enjoying the costumes and how gorgeous they are, and trying to fashion themselves off the style of the show’

Fran also revealed that she is currently writing a Broadway musical version of The Nanny, however she won’t appear on-stage in the new production as she plans to unearth ‘the next Barbra Streisand’

Fran Drescher always loved to show off her fashion sense on The Nanny Credit: CBS Photo Archive/CBS via Getty Images

The Nanny star also spoke about hosting FranJam 2021, a free online concert in support of the fight against cancer that will stream worldwide on and on Facebook Live.

FranJam’s impressive talent lineup features Australia’s own Tina Arena, Jackson Browne, Debbie Gibson, Hoobastank, Cyndi Lauper, and Anthony Nunziata and plenty more.

Fran Drescer’s FranJam 2021 has an amazing line up Credit: FranJam

The concert celebrates Fran’s 21 year anniversary of remaining cancer-free and all proceeds support her organization Cancer Schmancer.

You can donate to this amazing cause at

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