Kristal Moffett -- A Cancer Schmancer Mother’s Day

My 9 year old son ran into my room last week and said he had to give me my Mother’s Day gift right then and there. He was holding something behind his back he was clearly proud of. He told me to close my eyes and put my hands out. I followed his instructions and felt him place a weighted object in my hands. When I opened my eyes I saw he had made me a cotton sleeping mask that he had filled with rice! We put a small drop of lavender oil on it and we took turns resting with it. It was so heavenly.

The masks are really sweet gifts the kids can make and a great project to do together. I found a really cute pattern online from Wild Olive’s blog. Taking the time to make a small treasure with your wee ones is the best medicine.

If you are in a pinch and looking for a great gift to buy mom, there are so many great chemical free ones out there. My friend, Jean Seo of Evolue Beauty in Los Angeles has a huge selection. Evolue has a line of Evolue Flower and Gem Essences that come in Love, Calm, Protection, Health, Wealth and my favorite Fairy. I like the idea of making a sleeping mask and then spritzing it with one of these lovely essences, relaxing and soaking up all the good vibes!

Have a lovely Mother’s Day and make it a chemical free one!