CESLIE - The Women's Network honors Fran Drescher

New York, NY - South Gate partnered with CESLIE – The Women’s Network and Proskauer Rose to host an event honoring Fran Drescher with the Momentum Women for her pioneering work as the President and Visionary of the Cancer Schmancer Movement and Cancer Schmancer Foundation. Julie Allen, Roberta Ashkin, Karine Bakhoum, Elise Bloom, Nina Kaminer, Lori Levine, and Ceslie Armstrong will host the cocktail soiree and networking event with members of Momentum Women, a distinguished group of business leaders, at South Gate on Thursday, May 15, 2008.

Chef Kerry Heffernan, whose name is synonymous with wonderfully fresh, Modern American cuisine, is excited about an opportunity to create cancer preventive dishes to be offered as special request to the menu. “This has been a learning process for me as well, incorporating cancer preventive ingredients such as Green Garlic Flan which is in season and Char Salmonoid with Grapefruit and Almonds Sage,” said chef Kerry Heffernan.

Julie Allen, co-head of Capital Markets at Proskauer Rose, said "My partner, Elise Bloom, and I lead the Proskauer Executive Women's Network that has a strong commitment to supporting not only networking among women professionals, but also women’s cancer organizations, and we are honored to support Fran Drescher’s important work. Our professional and personal lives are immeasurably enhanced by organizations led by and for women."

Shikha Gulati, founding Executive Director of Cancer Schmancer, said “Thanks to Fran, women now feel comfortable listening to and talking about their own bodies. We owe it to ourselves to take control of our bodies, become better partners with our physicians, and transform from patients into medical consumers. Fran is what every woman aspires to be and we are all blessed to have her in our lives. I cannot picture a more deserving honoree of the Momentum Award and am so grateful to CESLIE – The Women’s Network for its commitment to our mission to save women’s lives.”

We are so pleased to partner with South Gate’s Chef Kerry Heffernan and Proskauer Rose to honor Fran Drescher, said Ceslie Armstrong, editor-in-chief of CESLIE – The Women’s Network and president of Momentum Women, “as a cancer survivor, I strongly support the importance of Cancer Schmancer’s goal to ensure Stage 1 diagnosis of all women’s cancers. We must stand together as women to educate and protect ourselves and keep our bodies strong and healthy.”

* * *

Featuring celebrated chef Kerry Heffernan’s outstanding signature Modern American cuisine, South Gate will offer a distinctive and seasonally inspired menu. Chef Heffernan, who has honed his culinary skills at some of New York’s finest dining establishments, has already gained an excellent reputation for his wonderfully fresh, contemporary American fare.

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