Gynecor becomes Founding Sponsor of Cancer Schmancer

Gynecor™ Announces Sponsorship of Cancer Schmancer™
Fran Drescher’s New Non-Profit Aimed at Raising Awareness of
Women’s Cancers and Promoting Stage 1 Diagnosis

RICHMOND VA - Gynecor is pleased to announce its sponsorship of Cancer Schmancer, a non-profit organization recently launched by the beloved actress and uterine cancer survivor, Fran Drescher, on the anniversary of her seventh year of wellness from uterine cancer. Cancer Schmancer will raise awareness and educate women on the risk factors, early warning signs, and diagnostic tools available for Stage 1 diagnosis of all women’s cancers, when they are most curable.

Gynecor, a leading anatomic pathology laboratory devoted entirely to women’s health, is the only lab that offers the TruTest™ uterine biopsy, which uses a gentle brushing method to collect tissue samples from a wide area of the uterine lining, making earlier diagnosis more likely, with little or no patient discomfort.

Fran Drescher has made women’s healthcare reform her life mission. First writing the New York Times best seller, Cancer Schmancer, then becoming a public speaker and women’s health advocate on Capitol Hill, successfully helping pass the first Gynecologic Cancer Education and Awareness Act, she is now the visionary and president of Cancer Schmancer. “We’re making gynecologic cancer our first frontier and are extremely grateful for the support of Gynecor in helping us realize our goal,” says Fran Drescher.

“If only I knew then, what I know now,” says Fran, who went on a two year, eight doctor odyssey before getting a proper diagnosis of uterine cancer. Today, Fran says that every woman must take control of her body and become a better partner with her physician by transforming from patient into medical consumer. “Knowledge is power. We must all learn the early warning signs for women’s cancers and the tests that are available,” says Fran. As a patient advocate, Fran encourages all women who may be at risk of uterine cancer to ask for a uterine biopsy.

Twice as many American women die each year from uterine cancer as from cervical cancer, yet the annual PAP smear in a gynecologist’s office only detects abnormal cells in the cervix, providing little or no information on the status of the rest of the uterus. Gynecor’s TruTest biopsy samples both the cervix and the uterine lining (endometrium), providing a more complete result for the doctor and patient.

“What attracted us to Cancer Schmancer was Ms. Drescher’s passion for early diagnosis,” explains David Bostwick , MD, MBA, CEO of Gynecor. “We share her vision of optimizing early diagnosis of uterine cancer in order to save women’s lives, and that was the basis for our introduction of the TruTest”.

Traditional biopsies only take a small section of tissue from a very localized spot of the uterine lining. Because the TruTest sweeps a wide area, small spots of cancer are less likely to be missed, even before symptoms may have had a chance to develop. Since its introduction last year, the TruTest has become a preferred method of endometrial biopsy for gynecologists and has been used with more than 10,000 women this year.

Alison Lippincott, director of marketing at Gynecor, adds “The brush bristles offer a much gentler method for tissue collection than other biopsy devices, so the TruTest is not as painful. This fact alone may make women less hesitant when faced with the decision to have an endometrial biopsy.”

Join Gynecor today in their support of Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer!

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