Newsletter: July 2009

Although the parties are over and the fireworks have long left their twinkles in the sky, it doesn't mean we should stop honoring our great nation's birthday. As we recognize today as Virtual Lobby Day for the ovarian cancer community, let's continue to celebrate our freedom by opening our mouths and exercising our right to free speech!

Call your legislators and tell them to support legislation and appropriations that will help conquer ovarian cancer. The warning signs may whisper, but our roars cannot be ignored.

Cancer Fighters 2009

Great NonProfits is hosting a contest to find the top-rated cancer fighting nonprofits around the country, and baby we want to be on top! Help Cancer Schmancer make even more of a difference to the cancer community by writing a review of your experience with us. You'll even be entered to win some awesome wellness prizes! It takes just 3 minutes (less than the wait time for your morning latte!) So what are ya waiting for? Log on and help Cancer Schmancer grab the 2009 Cancer Fighters Award!

Be well,

Fran Drescher
President & Visionary, Cancer Schmancer Movement