Newsletter: July 27, 2007

Tune into the Home Shopping Network's Home Celebration special this Saturday, July 28 at 8PM EST. The CEO of Home Shopping Network saw me on The View last month and was so moved by what we're doing that she invited me to come on as their surprise celebrity host for the hour to talk about the Cancer Schmancer Movement in front of 89 million households! WAHOO. I'll be taking calls, accepting donations, and offering very special incentives for donors at the $100 and $500 levels. My folks and Esther, in true Fran style, will be part of the Cancer Schmancer hour as well. So, tune in and get all your loved ones to do so too!

Say, have you heard us on Air America Radio? They recently took us on as one of their charities and are playing our PSAs across the country. The winds are shifting quickly...are you ready?! Membership has exploded since we launched on June 21st, my 7 year anniversary of wellness. Pretty soon, everyone will be visiting our official Cancer Schmancer online store and sporting our Cancer Schmancer merchandise in support of the movement. This stuff is so cute, check it out!

In case you're wondering what's been cooking since our national launch, we're gearing up for a huge trip to DC in September in celebration of Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month. While there, we will launch two major policy-changing initiatives that will revolutionize the way we think about women's cancer healthcare. First, we're already lobbying hard to replace the archaic manual pelvic exam with a more state-of-the-art and effective transvaginal ultrasound, which is a diagnostic tool that can find abnormalities in a woman's reproductive organs that a manual pelvic exam cannot detect. We are already working with the state of California to make the transvaginal ultrasound mandated and become the first state in the US to do so. The other major initiative will be to create a FDA industry standard for women's beauty and skincare products to eliminate the carinogens presently found in most formulas. I will keep you posted on how YOU can help because thanks to your generous donations, soon we'll be able to sign petitions and contact our state and federal legislators through our website!

This movement is revolutionary in its thinking. We are the missing link!


Be Well,

Fran Drescher
President, Cancer Schmancer Movement
Uterine Cancer Survivor - 7 Years Well!