Newsletter: March 28, 2008

Hi Doll,

I know it's been a while, but trust me, it's only because we're busier than ever!

For starters, you won't believe the success we had in Sacramento in January when we introduced our very first bill, Assembly Bill 1774, with Speaker pro Tempore of the California State Assembly, Sally Lieber. With the support of our California constituents, we're confident we will get this bill passed successfully! Once passed, this groundbreaking legislation will ensure that all health insurance companies in California pay for important gynecologic cancer screening tests and diagnostic tools, such as the TVU (transvaginal ultrasound). If you haven't yet seen the Fox40 clip from our Sacramento trip, check it out today. Stage 1 is the cure!

We're now gearing up for another visit to our nation's capitol in a few short weeks, where I will be the keynote speaker at a global health conference sponsored by AARP. Now that I'm 50 (I know, I know), I'm talkin' about healthy living in the golden years! While in DC, we will make an exciting announcement that will allow me to travel the globe to raise awareness for women's gynecologic health issues. I promise that once it's official, you'll be one of the first to know!

Meanwhile, have you taken a look inside your closet? If you're in need of spicing up your spring season wardrobe, you'll be happy to know that Bloomingdale's is hosting the Dress Well, Be Well event on Saturday, April 5th. Not only will you receive a 10% discount on your dress purchase, but 10% of proceeds from Bloomingdale's nationwide dress sales on April 5th will be donated to Cancer Schmancer. Isn't that unbelievable? I couldn't be more excited. In fact, I am so excited and grateful for their support, that I will be visiting Bloomingdale's at the Beverly Center mall in Los Angeles at 3PM to sign copies of the Cancer Schmancer Tea Party DVD. Get your own copy now, by the way!

Oh, and Cancer Schmancer will be one of three prestigious benficiaries of the Spinning Nation event happening on June 28th. What's that, you ask? Find out for yourself and visit

Be Well,

Fran Drescher
President & Visionary, Cancer Schmancer Movement