Newsletter: October 18, 2007

Tune into the Home Shopping Network this Friday and Saturday! In observance of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, HSN has asked me to come back as a guest host to promote the Cancer Schmancer Movement and our mission to ensure that all women's cancers are diagnosed in Stage 1, when they are most curable. Join us tomorrow morning (10/19) at 7AM EST, 3PM EST and on Saturday (10/20) at 5PM EST. I'll be hosting a Cancer Schmancer tea party on air, accepting donations, selling our merchandise AND offering a sneak peak of the CANCER SCHMANCER TEA PARTY DVD. My folks, in true Fran style, will be part of the Cancer Schmancer segments as well. So, tune in and get all your loved ones to do so too!

I also just recently returned from my trip to D.C. in observance of Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month. In one week's time, we accomplished more than you could imagine. The Cancer Schmancer team met with Senators, Congresswomen (and men!) and reminded them how important it is to fully fund "Johanna's Law," also known as the Gynecologic Education and Awareness Act. This funding will allow the CDC to launch a national campaign to educate women about gynecologic cancers. It's about time!

We also spread the word that the U.S. is far behind in regulating skincare and beauty products, many of which are filled with carcinogens and suspected carcinogens. Check out to learn more. We also met with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) to make the case for why the transvaginal ultrasound should be part of basic gynecologic care for women.

While in town, I also participated on a distinguished panel hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus, spoke at a congressional Cancer Caucus briefing, reached out to college students at Georgetown University, and celebrated my 50th birthday with a big bang! To get the rest of the scoop on my latest travels to DC, read my latest blog entry.


We are the revolution. We are the missing link!

Be Well,

Fran Drescher
President, Cancer Schmancer Movement
Uterine Cancer Survivor - 7 Years Well!