Deepak Chopra Says Inflammation is ‘The Number One Pandemic of Our Times.’ He Suggests These 5 Habits to Help Reduce It

Deepak Chopra, a world leader in alternative medicine and meditation, shed light on what he deems the world’s most pressing health problem in a talk this week in New York City, where he announced his company’s expansion into wellness tourism.

“The number one pandemic of our times right now is inflammation,” he said.

When the body’s immune system is alerted to anything foreign, like pollen or microbes, it triggers an inflammatory response. Acute inflammation protects the body and helps it heal. However, when inflammation persists, and becomes what’s known as chronic inflammation, serious health consequences can follow. 

“Stress, inflammation, depression, anxiety, and chronic disease go together,” Chopra said. “Inflammation is the culprit in all these diseases.”

Constant stress can put the body in a state of chronic inflammation, which increases the risk for mental health problems like anxiety and depression along with heart disease and Alzheimer’s, according to the Cleveland Clinic. 

“The reason for that is trauma. Anyone who’s had trauma is likely to be inflamed,” Chopra said. The rise in mental health problems and chronic stress is related to the body’s response to trauma, which can stem from generational trauma, isolation, or the stress of the news cycle, Chopra explained. 

There’s so much we can’t control, but Chopra says to look inward at what you can change. “It’s a very daunting task,” he admitted, but understanding the biology of inflammation and how it can be exacerbated by lifestyle habits is a good place to start, he continued. 

Here’s how Deepak Chopra suggests reducing chronic inflammation:


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