The Everyday Foods That Cancer Experts Want You to Stop Eating

Crispy bacon sandwiches in white bread are out, avocado on toast is in. Here are foods the experts advise you to avoid - and eat more of - for better health.

Crispy bacon sandwiches made with white bread, a nice cold beer on a sunny afternoon. We’ve long known they are not the healthiest of choices, and as scientists warn of health risks, these small pleasures feel less comforting.

Earlier this year, the American Cancer Society reported that the number of under 55s diagnosed with colorectal cancer has doubled compared with a decade ago.

Meanwhile, the Institute Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) plans to designate the artificial sweetener aspartame as a possible carcinogen.

Philip Calder, professor of nutritional immunology at the University of Southampton, says: “Cancer happens when cells lose control and they just keep dividing, so you get more and more of these kinds of cells that you shouldn’t have.”

Excessive consumption of some foods has been linked to cancer, but others require more research.

Major culprits

Salami, bacon, sausages and ham

In 2015, the IARC classified these processed meats as a “definite” cause of cancer. The NHS advises cutting consumption of processed meats to under 70g a day.

The reason for concern is chemicals called nitrites, which keep these foods fresher for longer. When cooked at high temperatures, nitrites can form cancer-causing compounds known as nitrosamines.

Replace with: Breakfast alternatives such as avocado or mushrooms.

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