Fran Drescher talks new book 'N Is for The Nanny,' her most quoted line and iconic laugh

She's got style, she's got flair. And now, Fran Drescher has got a new book. 

"N Is for The Nanny," out now, is an eye-popping picture book that teaches young readers the alphabet through references to the '90s sitcom, which ran for six seasons on CBS. The book features illustrations by Gary Chestney of Fran Fine (Drescher), the outspoken Jewish nanny who stumbles into caring for the wealthy Sheffield family, with cheeky nods to her fabulous fashion ("A Is for Animal Print") and singular cackle ("L Is for Laugh"). 

"I thought it was utterly charming and really captured the tone of the show," Drescher says of the book, written by author Rebecca Kelly. "She asked me if I had any notes and the only thing I said was, 'Have the artist make the hands more delicate.' "

One hundred percent of the book's proceeds go to Drescher's Cancer Schmancer Movement, a non-profit charity that promotes early detection of cancer and prevention through healthy lifestyles.

Drescher, 64, talks more about the organization and the enduring legacy of "The Nanny":

Question: In the book's foreword, you write how most people in medicine are "focusing entirely on curing the end symptom, which is cancer, but not at all on causation." Is that something you wish you'd known during your own experience with uterine cancer 20 years ago?

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