Keep Your Bones Healthy

It's important to support the health of your bones, joints, and cartilage. If you are looking to support your skeletal health, check out the supplements below from our partners at Quantum Nutrition Labs.

Top 4 Products for Healthy Bones

#1 Quantum Joint & Cartilage

In our impressive lineup, Quantum Joint & Cartilage features key nutrients to support healthy joints and optimal cartilage health.* This formula may offer minor pain relief for occasional, minor pain that is associated with normal day-to-day wear and tear of joints.* Offering three clinically studied, superstar ingredients: organic Andrographis paniculata, white willow extract, and sodium hyaluronate, this formula elegantly supports healthy cartilage, joint health, and flexibility.*

#2 Quantum Bone Support*

A comprehensive formula to provide quantum-state support for healthy bones and connective tissue, Quantum Bone Support features vitamin K2, which activates calcium-binding for healthy bones.* The botanical compounds in this formula provide a broad range of nutritional support for optimal health and wellness as well as key nutrients and minerals (including calcium!) for whole-body health.*

#3 Quantum Calci-Mag

If whole body mineral support sounds good to you, check out Quantum Calci-Mag (available in powder and capsule form).* This legendary mineral support promotes the health of bones and joints as well as teeth.* Featuring quantum-state ionized calcium and magnesium from Sango marine coral, this formula boasts an impressive 2:1 ratio for optimal mineral support.* Regular intake of highly bioavailable minerals, especially calcium and magnesium, may help provide support for bones, joints, and teeth.*

#4 Quantum Magnesium Powder

The preferred form of highly absorbable magnesium lactate, Quantum Magnesium Powder provides excellent support for heart, bones, teeth, and immune health.* Magnesium lactate is the form of magnesium that is naturally produced by the muscles and blood cells of your body and is easily absorbed for maximum health and wellness.* Assisting your body with the utilization of B complex vitamins, vitamin A, and vitamin C, you’ll love the delicious watermelon flavor of this amazing mineral powder.*