‘Nanny’ Star Fran Drescher, the New Face of Laura Geller Makeup, on Beauty at Every Age

Fran Drescher says she lives by the signs of the universe. She was visiting her parents in Florida and watching QVC when makeup artist Laura Geller came on.

The star of The Nanny, which recently started streaming on HBO Max, had just been invited to become a brand ambassador for Geller, so the timing was uncanny. She was intrigued by the products and more importantly, they met her requirements for Cancer Schmancer, her nonprofit dedicated to the prevention, early detection and policy change for cancer.

“I mostly turned down products that want me to represent them, because most of them don’t meet the standards of my mission statement,” Drescher says. “I like that there really wasn’t much of a smell to anything. And I really felt very bullish on the products. I’m not that kind of a celebrity — I’m never going to sell something that’s bad for you or that I don’t really enjoy. There’s a truth to what I say.”

Laura Geller’s new campaign featuring Drescher is making waves for focusing on empowering women over 40. “I think it’s great,” Drescher says. “It’s time that we stop marginalizing the rich, maturing woman. She has so much to offer everyone in so many different ways. This is very cultural, it’s very Madison Avenue, to start brainwashing people into thinking that a woman is losing value to her community, to her partnerships, to her family as she gets older. That’s just insanity.”

“And I applaud Laura Geller,” continues Drescher, “for standing up and saying this is really the time for women to not allow themselves to be objectified, but to experience the wholeness of who they are on this beautiful journey called life as they gain wisdom and insight, and life experience, which can never be overrated, and the beauty that glows from within from the confidence that you get from all of that stuff. Forget about the 40s — they say that women don’t really come into their own until they’re in their 50s or 60s. I’m reinventing myself. Women are fearless.”

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Photo credit: Rafaeil Ortega