The Oz Network - Fran Drescher Interview

6/16/21 - We are super excited to bring you a very special episode today as we sit down with the legendary and iconic Fran Drescher to talk about her amazing career and her even more amazing charitable work! How is this episode something that we have kept secret? How have we managed to tie it in with one of our shows once more? What movie do we talk to Fran about which is maybe a movie she doesn’t necessarily talk about too much given some of her other esteemed work? How is having many famous friends a benefit to her when it comes to organising important charity events? Which movie that we have previously covered on this show do we need to bring up to get some information on and why has she never watched it? And do we get maybe one of the greatest ever lines out of her to conclude this interview? It’s a massive chat that you can’t afford to miss, so get to it!

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