Quantum Nutrition Labs - Our “Ultra” Green Facility and Commitment to Social Responsibility

Welcome to Quantum Nutrition Labs! We are 100% committed to making the world a healthier place, a pledge we continue to work toward every day through our passionate desire to supply “ultra” quality, contaminant-free products, with the help of our hard-working, robust team, and our genuine passion for a greener earth. Here are just some of the projects we have undertaken to fulfill this commitment:

What Does it Take to Provide Superior Quality in Product Manufacturing?

Our manufacturer partners with illustrious industry leaders to bring you honest, clean products that you can trust. The ingredients in our products are sourced to be the cleanest raw materials from trusted suppliers all over the world and are rigorously tested for purity, identification, and contaminants. This intensive testing meets and often exceeds federal regulatory testing guidelines and is among the strictest supplement screening in the world, with our manufacturer being one of only six companies in the U.S. to be awarded the prestigious USP GMP-Certified Program.

Good Products Don’t Have Bad Excipients

At QNL, we are committed to providing you and your family with superior products that are free of undesirable chemical tagalongs and vow to deliver the best quality possible. Our products are safely stored in unique VioliteTM bottles, an exclusive packaging material. The dark color of these bottles protects the ingredients of each product from the potentially damaging effects of light which may compromise the integrity and quality of our products. These VioliteTM bottles consist of PET #1, a food safe plastic that is highly valued for its rigidity and ability to protect its contents. Bonus points: this plastic is also recyclable! We strive to offer a full line of nutritional supplements that you and your family can rely on . . . day in and day out.

Hiring Our Heroes

At QNL, we prioritize our commitment to our military by partnering with a socially conscious manufacturer that supports our veterans by participating in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce “Hiring Our Heroes” Corporate Fellowship Program. This program transitions service members to long-term career paths by providing management-level experience (or equivalent) civilian careers prior to leaving the military. The 12-week program offers opportunities for hands-on corporate training, mentoring, and the earning of technical certificates while helping employers tap into top-tier talent.

This program is part of a nationwide effort to connect veterans and service members with meaningful employment opportunities. The goal is to create a movement across America in hundreds of communities where veterans and military families return every day. We are proud to support in this excellent effort to hire outstanding military veterans.

QNL’s Green Initiatives: Solar Power, Recycling, Plastic Reduction and More

Environmentally-Friendly Solar Panels

At Quantum Nutrition Labs, we strive to keep our facility green in many ways. The building that houses our offices and administration has literally hundreds of solar panels that have been placed on the rooftop (305 solar panels to be exact). Solar panels provide “clean energy” to power our electrical needs, which don’t release greenhouse gasses, and which significantly reduces our carbon footprint.  Solar panels are self-sufficient and contribute to an environmentally friendly, sustainable future.  

Recycling and Plastic Reduction

In addition to our solar panels, we are proud that each of our packages is shipped by a facility that has made great strides to reduce its environmental footprint by replacing bubble wrap with 100% curbside recycled paper and who have switched from the use of plastic to reinforced, water-activated paper tape. They have also reduced cardboard box sizes, eliminated the use of foam inserts, and they now use recyclable paper inserts to identify products rather than wasteful stickers. In addition, used packaging materials are recycled by being transported to a central Texas recycling facility instead of being thrown out as trash. These initiatives allow the drastic cut down on plastic usage while providing our customers with protective and environmentally friendly packaging.

Pesticide-Free Ground Areas

QNL also takes great pride in the upkeep of the beautiful, tree-lined ground areas around our QNL facility. We've kicked out the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers so they are never used on our grounds – only 100% natural fertilizers, minerals, and enzymes. Many people are unaware that a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions comes from the use of synthetic fertilizers on ground areas.

Edible Plants . . . At The Work Place?

Further yet, instead of the typical “ornamental plants” planted around a commercial building, the City of Austin commercial zoning district gave us special permission to plant many “useful” plants all along the borders of our grounds, including edible plants such as pineapple guava bushes, cherry trees, pecan trees, mulberry trees, pomegranate trees,  persimmon trees, fig trees, Mexican oregano, and more. How delightful to pick a fresh persimmon in the fall or munch on a fresh pomegranate when in season right at our facility.

UV Air Purifiers

To further support a “clean” working environment for employees, we have installed award-winning, next generation in-duct, UV air purifiers in employee working areas. These units are capable of purifying air and are capable of eliminating air-borne viruses. Just another measure to help keep our employees breathing clean air and feeling safe.

Does is get any Greener than this? Check Out Our Natural Lighting, Italian Tiles and Dragonboard

Our building has been designed with employee health and comfort in mind by providing most employee work areas with access to natural sunlight (through large nearby windows). In addition, our spacious lobby and display area have been designed with numerous overhead skylights to provide natural, soft sunlight that filters down into the entire area.

The lobby floor has also been constructed with natural clay Italian tiles (made from an old Italian family tile recipe without the use of toxic chemical components) for a beautiful, expansive, cellular resonant effect.

The various colors of paint on all the walls of our facility have been chosen for their low/no VOC paint formulas. The specific color of paint used into various areas of our building has been precision-kinesiologically tested in order to provide the most beneficial color-compatible resonance.

Even the walls themselves in our facility are made from non-toxic, non-outgassing Dragonboard, a natural wallboard composed of pure minerals (magnesium oxide) that is extremely environmentally friendly. Dragonboard is free of outgassing chemicals that are so typical of common wallboard. You can feel free to breathe deeply in our “ultra” green environment built entirely using the most natural building materials available.

Flowing Esthetics with Pink Granite

QNL is also pleased to have a beautiful, custom-designed decorative facade of the front of our building that has been outfitted with large, impressive slabs of genuine, double polarity, rose granite that naturally emits high piezoelectric resonance. Many people have commented that they feel a particular refreshing “calmness” and sense of beneficial “chi” (or energy) when they enter our building. 

We hope you will appreciate the care and thought that has gone into our “ultra” green facility. Although closed to customers at the present, we hope to re-open our facility in the future so you can experience the quantum resonance of natural building materials. In the meantime, please take good care of yourself with a healthy lifestyle fueled by quantum nutrition and as we always say . . . “GO QUANTUM!”