FranBrand Skin Care Launches! % of Profits to Benefit CS

Fran DrescherYou might be wondering what a skin care line has to do with an actress turned health advocate?  Well, I can tell you in one word "EVERYTHING!" - Fran Drescher
The skin is the largest organ of the body and whatever goes onto it is important, so Fran Drescher developed a clean, safe, product line called the FranBrand for the HSN, which feature cleansers, toner gel, face lotion, eye gel, body cream, serum and lip balm - all with natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.  Everything old is new again!
And to top it all off, part of the profits from the FranBrand will benefit the Cancer Schmancer Movement! So check out the FranBrand on the Home Shopping Network and support Cancer Schmancer!
Here's to a more beautiful, healthier you!