I am Blessed ® by Mary Margrill Supports Cancer Schmancer!

MANAGING ABUNDANCE: M2 by Mary Margrill Jewelry Breaks Company Record Sales while on Today show and at the same time Teams Up With Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer Movement

Immediately following a record breaking featured appearance on the Today Show’s Steals and Deals segment, Mary Margrill had a second to breathe and was able to share her charitable efforts on the web as well…Teaming up with Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer Movement to help raise money for Early Cancer Detection.

(Press Release) <http://www.prlog.org/>  - Oct 05, 2011 –
M2 by Mary Margrill jewelry appearance resulted in a flood of traffic to the website and a record-breaking day in sales for the company.
While the company was wrapping up being featured on the Today Show’s Steals and Deals segment, marymargrill.com <http://marymargrill.com>  posted their campaign for Fran Dresher’s Cancer Schmancer Movement to help raise money for Early Cancer Detection.

By purchasing the "I am blessed" ® Necklace by Mary Margrill 30% of the proceeds will go directly to Cancer Schmancer. "I am blessed" ® is more than an affirmation, it acknowledges our true and divine qualities and connects us to a state of grace.  
Cancer Schmancer http://www.cancerschmancer.org <http://www.cancerschmancer.org/> was started by Cancer Survior Fran Drescher and has the following mission:

“We are fighting cancer a different way: CATCHING IT EARLY.  By shifting this nation’s focus from just searching for a cure to education, prevention and early detection, we can save lives TODAY.  By empowering ourselves and the women we love to become medical consumers; to listen to our bodies, ask the right questions of our doctors and seek second opinions, we can prevent cancer and, if we still end up with it, detect cancer in its earliest stages.  At Cancer Schmancer, we aren’t reinventing the wheel.  We are shedding light on a method that works to end mortality due to late stage diagnosis.  And that’s EARLY DETECTION.  Join us in saving lives. “

Mary Margrill was raised in New York City’s artistic Greenwich Village, the child of a celebrated artist and accomplished public relations executive. It is this upbringing that laid the groundwork for her unique mix of artistic vision and business acumen. Throughout her career as a key creative for renowned international jewelry lines, Mary Margrill has traveled the world creating beautiful, imaginative and trend-setting designs. Her unique vision of elegance and style, coupled with a proven track record of designing and producing exceptional jewelry, has made Mary Margrill a sought-after commodity in the world of jewelry.

In 2002, Mary founded M² by Mary Margrill (pronounced M-squared) and today (2009) has teamed up with a well-established and regarded manufacturer -- together, they combine beauty, spiritual meaning and the finest quality jewelry. Mary’s pieces remind us that we can trust in the positive energy of our lives and ultimately gain strength from it. Mary's jewelry embraces a vision of universal harmony and understanding and at the same time entices us with the sparkle of diamonds and the luster of gold.
You can help Mary Margrill and Cancer Schmancer raise money for Early Cancer Detection by purchasing the "I am blessed" ® Necklace at http://www.marymargrill.com/cancer-schmancer-m2.htm and check out http://www.cancerschmancer.org/about-us  for more info about What Fran’s organization is up to.