Still Dictating Orders, This Time at the Altar

UNTIL quite recently, Fran Drescher was known primarily for her comedic roles on television, including her latest in “Happily Divorced,” in which she plays a woman who learns that her husband is gay, divorces him, but then remains a close friend of the man.

The show is, in fact, a comedic turn on the arc of her own 21-year marriage to Peter Marc Jacobson — one that has inspired Ms. Drescher, 54, to become a minister so that she can legally join gay and lesbian couples in marriage.

“Well, you know I’d already married a gay man, so now I might as well marry a few gay men,” she said, quickly followed by her trademark laugh (which a writer in The Times once described as akin to “the sound of a Buick with an empty gas tank cold-cranking on a winter morning”).

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