Swiminista Joins Forces with Cancer Schmancer to Make Waves in the Fight Against Cancer During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a time of unity, strength, and action, and Swiminista is taking a bold step forward in the fight against cancer by teaming up with Cancer Schmancer. Throughout October, Swiminista will allocate an impactful donation of 15% of all sales sitewide on Swiminista.com towards supporting Cancer Schmancer’s mission.

Founder of Swiminista, Andrea Bernholtz, shared the heartfelt inspiration behind the collaboration, stating, “Collaborating with Cancer Schmancer holds a special significance for me. I am presently caring for my dear friend who is battling stage 4 cancer. In the midst of his chemotherapy journey, I sought to infuse some levity into his life. That’s when we embarked on a delightful TV binge, starting with ‘The Nanny’ featuring the incredible Fran Drescher, and journeyed through to ‘Beautician and the Beast,’ and beyond. Laughter truly proved to be the most potent remedy! Fran, your ability to bring joy into our lives during this challenging time is beyond measure. It’s an honor to allocate 15% of Swiminista.com sales towards supporting Cancer Schmancer.”

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