Trash Cancer With Fran Drescher!!

Here at, we are ALL ABOUT being healthy and beating cancer.
That's why it's a no-brainer for us to spread the works about the TRASH CANCER INITIATIVE, which, obviously, is all about kicking cancer's ass!
Straight from Fran Drescher and Cancer Schmancer comes the new initiative, slated for September 29th where they'll be throwing 1,000 Trash Cancer parties across the US.
Here's how you can help:
Lock elbows with Fran Drescher and throw a Trash Cancer party! Sign up HERE & get a party kit with everything you need to host a fab get-together at your home. First 1,000 people to sign up get the kit for FREE!
This whole thin is super important — did you know that 90% of cancer is caused by environmental factors? And the home is the most
toxic place where we spend most of our time!
We just have to make smarter choices about what we eat, put on our skin, and clean & garden with.
Let's start getting it right!

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