Why Are Chemicals Considered Safe Before Proven Toxic?

I recently have been thinking a lot about our fight against the use of chemicals in our everyday products.  The idea that there are more than 10,000 chemicals used in these products.  That most of the 10,000 chemicals have never been tested.  That we are essentially guinea pigs. 

We use products everyday with chemicals that may have had only had a small amount of testing or none at all.  Then we just have to sit back and wait and see if any rash develops, or allergy, or chronic illness, or cancer.  Why?  Why must we do this?  Chemicals are put into the marketplace without any consideration to our well-being.  They are advertised as safe, and that is not always the case. 

We use them around our home, our children, ourselves.  We put them directly onto our bodies and our family’s bodies.  We deserve to know what ingredients are in our products.  We have the power.  We spend the money.  Without our dollars these companies would not survive.  I’m asking you all to please take one minute today to write your congressman.  Demand to know!!  Demand to know what you are using on your home, your family, and yourself! 

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring.  Rachel knew then what we are talking about now.  Her book led to DDT getting banned.  DDT is just one example of how toxic chemicals are marketed.  The advertisement for DDT had happy animals singing “DDT is good for mmmeeeeee!”  DDT was referred to as a “mild poison.” 

Why are these chemicals considered safe until proven toxic?  We need to reverse this.  Please follow the link below for information on how to contact your congressman.

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