Fiji Blue

Through the combination of sad, yet hopeful lyrics, Fiji Blue strives to guide the listeners through their most vulnerable moments. Their danceable production mixed with smooth, RnB influenced vocals, puts them in a genre-less sound they’ve self-titled “sad boy chill house”. With a unique writing style that touches on the inner conflicts between waves of sadness and ecstasy, Fiji Blue takes each listener on a unique, yet familiar journey. 

The duo is made up of lead singer Trevor and producer Val. 

They met at Berklee College of Music several years ago while beginning their careers in music, and the project cultivated over the course of the next three years, while writing countless songs and slowly molding their individual sonic palettes into one. 

Being born and raised in Germany, dance music runs in Val’s blood. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Trevor discovered his love for guitar & songwriting through albums like John Mayer’s “Room For Squares” and Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange”. Their first single “Space Makes Make Me Sad” released in June 2019 and officially marked the beginning of Fiji Blue.