Butternut Squash Winter Salad

Winter is not a time when people associate light, fresh salads—but this winter salad can serve as a reprieve from the heavier foods of the season and still be a filling meal to warm your home and stomach.

The roasted toppings add a layer of depth in flavor and texture that is always fun in salads, and both the squash and chickpeas have unique health properties. The butternut squash contains an abundance of carotenoids, a preventative measure for many forms of cancer, such as supporting eye, skin, and immune functioning. The chickpeas support gut health and are packed full of fiber, making them incredibly tasty and a digestive booster. The roasted squash and chickpeas complement the crisp greens, sweet apples, crunchy seeds, and tart cranberries. At the same time, the dressing ties all of the ingredients together to create a salad beautifully different with each bite, but always delectable.

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