RECIPE - Mother's Day Berry Breakfast Muffins

What kind of Mother's Day breakfast is it that gives mom a sugar rush that’ll leave her depleted and hungry a half-hour later? Anticancer Lifestyle's simply delicious, healthy, easy and make-ahead Berry Breakfast Muffins is just the recipe to start your Mother's Day off right. These muffins are packed full of juicy berries bringing sweet and succulent flavors to the forefront.

The muffins are also completely free of refined sugar, utilizing the sweetness from the fruit and a little honey to result in a scrumptious reduced-sugar delight that will make mom's morning a little sweeter. The sweetness is perfectly complimented by the earthiness of the oats and whole-grain flour that pack a punch of fiber that will wake-up the metabolism. This muffin delivers big on taste and texture, but they will also help your mom feel fuller and more satisfied longer, giving her increased energy to feel empowered throughout the day.


Berries: Extremely nutrient dense contain high amounts of fiber, vitamins and minerals.  Packed full of antioxidants for immune-supporting and anti-inflammatory properties. The antioxidant, anthocyanins, can repair DNA damage to protect against aging and cancer and increase overall circulation. Berries are great brain food—they can improve our overall brain functioning, boost up our mood and strengthen our memory.

Bananas: The riper the banana the more nutrients, so make sure to eat them when they are yellow, not green. Bananas are high in magnesium and potassium to help with muscle recovery, increase blood circulation and build lean muscle.  They have been shown to increase serotonin–“the happy hormone”–production. Bananas reduce bloat and support a strong digestive system by being food (pre-biotic) for our good bacteria.

Honey: It is twice as sweet as sugar so you can use half as much to get the same sweetness level so it will not cause blood sugar spikes. It is a natural anti-bacterial, antioxidant, supports gut health and provides minerals.

Olive Oil: A rich source of monounsaturated fatsolive oil contains antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids that exhibit anti-inflammatory effects. Olive oil also promotes gut health.

Yogurt:  The live bacteria in yogurt makes this food a probiotic. Diversifying and increasing the good bacteria in our gut can strengthen your immune system, improve your mood, heal digestive disorders and boost overall health. The fermentation of bacteria breaks down the lactose in the milk into lactic acid making it easier to digest especially for people who are lactose intolerant.

Eggs: It is important to buy pasture-raised or cage-free eggs–they have a different nutrient profile than eggs from caged hens. These eggs are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids to lower inflammation, maintain brain functioning and vision along with being a natural source of vitamin D for strong bones and immune support.

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